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Review: THE FAT BURN REVOLUTION by Julia Buckley

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of The Fat Burn Revolution for review. 
As always, opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

In the past I was in the very bad habit of sticking to a handful of trainers that I was familiar with. While this worked for me at the time, remaining in my small circle of trainer-comfort-zone was holding me back from some amazing new trainers and ideas. I have since branched out and am beyond glad that I did. In doing so I have stumbled across many a new trainer that I've fallen in love with!

Like: Julia Buckley. I must confess that previous to being contacted to receive a copy of her new book I had never come across Julia before. I'm so glad that has been remedied because I'm head over heels in love with this book.

For this program you'll need:
Dumbbells to suit your ability
Exercise ball
Bench, box/step, or chair (for moves like tri-cep dips, split squats, etc)

Info on The Fat Burn Revolution (from

Looking for a way to shed stubborn fat, or wondering why your current exercise programme isn't helping you slim down? Having trouble breaking through a body fat or fitness plateau? The Fat Burn Revolution demystifies fat burning fitness, answering all these questions and more to put you on the right track for the lean body you have always wanted.
With insights into the latest fat-loss information used by top personal trainers combined with tried-and-tested metabolism-boosting workout programmes, the Fat Burn Revolution gives you the tools to sculpt your body.
Leading fitness journalist and trainer Julia Buckley shows you the healthy way to condition your body for optimum fat burning - even when you're not exercising.

* Adaptable for absolute beginners wanting advice on how to get started, through to experienced fitness aficionados.
* Effective and efficient exercise programmes can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.
* No gym membership is needed - the workouts use just a few key pieces of equipment, so can be done at home. 
* Hate running long distances or spending hours on boring cardio machines? No problem, these intense, varied lessons - lasting up to 45 minutes - are tough, but never boring!
* Easy to follow nutritional advice is included as well as solutions to common barriers to exercise and fat loss, and tips on maintaining a lean healthy body in the long term.

I devoured The Fat Burn Revolution in two days and, like I said, I love it! It completely gels with my personal health and fitness philosophies (even Julia's nutrition suggestions are very Paleo-friendly). 

Julia walks you through a complete 12 week workout program (broken into 3, 4-week phases) which includes everything from getting your mind right, to getting your food right, to warm-up, to amazing workouts, to cool-down and stretching. She lays out everything you need in a clear and concise manner, and makes it all understandable (to any level exerciser) and in no way overwhelming. 

I really enjoyed Julia's positive and encouraging approach. She manages to discuss the hard stuff like commitment, accountability, negative self-talk, and taking responsibility for ourselves in a very "you can do it" way. I think that's crucial. She also, doesn't just spout all the wonderful things her program can do, but she gives tangible tools, tips, and suggestions for making it work for you.

What I love about the workout program itself:
  • The focus on intensity. I don't like to waste time with my workouts and these workouts are all business. Love that.
  • The focus on lifting heavy. I love where she says, "Forget tiny toy-like dumbbells. For real results, pick up real weights."
  • The variety of moves/exercises and workouts throughout the 12 weeks. Julia changes things up consistently, which I think is important to avoid boredom and plateaus.

Honestly, I like this book so much I'm hoping to fit this program into my schedule soon. The Fat Burn Revolution is a solid resource and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight and/or get in great shape!