New VitaTops Flavor?! Yes, Please.

Vitalicious, the makers of those yummy VitaTops I've been gushing about, is announcing a new flavor of VitaTops through their Facebook page!

Every day until the launch, Vitalicious Facebook fans will get an exclusive clue!

Clues so far:
New VitaTop Flavor Clue #1 – The new VitaTop flavor’s main ingredient should have been a star in the movie “Terms of Endearment.”
New VitaTop Flavor Clue #2 – The main ingredient of the new flavor is grown on every continent except Antarctica.
New VitaTop Flavor Clue #3 – Have a hole in your clothes? Use our new flavor’s birth place to fix it!

Can you guess it? I have my suspicions ;) Go join in the fun!