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Supreme 90 Day and Body Confidence Week 1 Results

OK, basically I'm doing the Body Confidence plan with the Supreme 90 workouts. They actually go together quite nicely. I laid out my plan for week 1 in this post

My Starting Stats:
Weight: 184
BF%: 34.1%
Waist: 35.5
Right thigh: 22
Right calf: 15
Hips: 43.5
Right arm: 12

Week 1 Results:
Weight: 181
BF% 33.7% (Please note, I'm using an at home Omron BF monitor, results may not be perfect, but it's just how I track this.)
Waist: 35.25
Right thigh: 21.5
Right calf: 14.75
Hips: 43
Right arm: 12

Booyah! I am happy with that. 

My week 2 plan will be:
Body confidence eating plan.
Monday: Tabata Inferno, Chest/Back; Tuesday: Ultimate Ball, Cardio Challenge; Wednesday: Rest; Thursday: Tabata Inferno, Core Dynamics; Friday: Tabata Inferno, Shoulders/Arms; Saturday: Cardio Challenge, 3 to 4 mile easy run; Sunday: Legs, Yoga. (Black is the Supreme 90 workout calendar, red is what I added.)

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