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Hype or Help Genetix HD - Final Results and Review

Wow, that month really flew by! I can't believe I'm down to my final Genetix HD review already. 

First, I'll get right to the numbers...

Beginning Stats:
Weight 160
Waist 29
Right Thigh 19
Right Calf 13
Right Arm 11 1/4
Bust 37 1/4
Hips 38 1/2

Week 4 Stats
Weight 155
Waist 28 1/4
Right Thigh 18 1/2
Right Calf 13
Right Arm 11 1/4
Bust 37
Hips 38 1/4

I'm pleased with those results. Considering week 2 was vacation and completely a wash...155?! This is uncharted territory for me; I am at the lowest weight of my adult life. 

As I've said before, at this stage in the game for me, progress is becoming harder and harder. While 5 pounds may not seem like a big number, it's awesome for me. Also, it was nice to be able to keep things moving in the right direction this month without having to torture myself with only eating 1200 calories (yes, that has become my idea of torture), and with only the short 25 minute 30 Day Shred workouts I was doing.

Honestly though, if I had it to do over I would have chosen a different workout program to go with this. Possibly lifting heavy along with some HIIT. I think I could have gotten even better results.

Back to my original question: is Genetix HD hype or help? 

I view supplements like icing on a cake. If I take a beautiful red velvet cake that's made from scratch with the best ingredients and put the best cream cheese icing on it, well then I've got a pretty awesome cake.

But if I take a mud pie and put that same perfect icing on it expecting it to make an awesome cake...I've still just got a mud pie. 

The same with supplements. If my diet and exercise are on point, well then some good supplements will complement that. However, if my diet and exercise program are crap or just sort of so-so, well...

So, I'm going to say Genetix HD is absolutely long as you're not using it to ice a mud pie. :)

Disclaimer: I was sent GenetixHD for review. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.
I am not a nutritionist, trainer, or any type of medical professional.