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Getting Started With Piyo + Free Printable Piyo Workout Calendars

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Beachbody Coach and I purchased Piyo myself for this blog review series.

Today's the day! Day 1 of blogging through the Piyo program by Chalene Johnson. 

This morning I took my weight, measurements, and BF % (using my Omron HBF-306C). I'll take them again at the end of month one, and then at the end of the 8 weeks. 

My Before Piyo Stats:
Weight 189
Bust 43
Waist 35
Hips 43
Upper Right Arm 13
Right Calf 14
BF% 37.2

So, ya. Yikes. I knew I'd backslid since my pregnancy, but these stats really put it in perspective for me. That body fat percentage in particular was quite the wake up call. I looked through past blog posts on my weight loss journey (pre-baby #4) and at 189 I was 35% body fat. It's good information to have and definitely my focus. I have a goal, I have a plan, I will get back.

Piyo Workouts
For the next 8 weeks I'll be doing the basice Piyo workout schedule as set forth in the calendar includedin the basic set. I made my own tracking calendars:

Piyo Food Plan
I'll also be strictly following the Get Lean Eating Plan that comes with the set. We all know that following the meal plans along with the workouts is important for getting the results the program is designed to give. It looks like it is easily compatible with my Paleo eating ways.

To get started with the Piyo Eating Plan I simply plugged my weight into their calorie calculations (189x11=2079+400=2479-600=1879). I decided since I'm just barely over the 1800 mark I'm going to follow the 1600-1799 food plan

This affords me: 

  • 6 servings of primary vegetables (this group includes things like greens, tomatoes, and winter squash).
  • 2 servings of secondary vegetables & grains (since I'm Paleo I'll be skipping the grains, but this group also includes things like sweet potatoes, yams, and almond milk).
  • 3 servings fresh fruit.
  • 6 servings lean protein.
  • 4 servings healthy fats.
  • Free foods (this group includes things like black coffee, tea, and lemon juice).

A few times a week I'll share my meals and calories burned per workout over on my Instagram if you're interested in seeing PiYo in action.

OK, I think that's it. I'm off to push play on my first PiYo workout!

As I mentioned, I am NOT a Beachbody coach and purchased this workout myself. If you are looking for a coach, or just to purchase Piyo, I highly recommend my coach Rachel.