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My Paleo Pregnancy - Week 7

One word for this week: rough.

It's funny, I've seen paleo do so much for so many that sometimes I tend to look at it as a cure-all. Which it is obviously not. 

I didn't realize it, but I think I'd talked myself into the thought that paleo would make this pregnancy a breeze. Uh, no.

While I am not as sick as I was in previous pregnancies I am still very sick. The morning sickness and fatigue have been pretty bad this week. The 'morning' sickness lasts all day, sometimes with a brief reprieve in the afternoons (right about the time the fatigue really kicks in).

As always, pregnancy serves to remind me that I am in fact not superwoman.

I've had to let some things go. Rearrange some things. Ask for help. It's a very humbling experience for me.

Workouts this week were again sporadic. I managed to do the stationary bike once and take a couple of walks. Really looking forward to this stage passing so that I can feel up to some more regular workouts! Pretty sure my weights miss me.

My cravings this week have been a little surprising to me. I've been cravings things like pizza, ice cream, and french fries! Considering those are all things I haven't had in over a year and a half I am completely stumped. I'm thinking I need to be better about getting calcium in and that could explain the pizza and ice cream cravings, but the french fries? So weird.

OK, enough of the whining...

I've begun looking at the option of a midwife and a home-birth. Being my fourth I'm comfortable with that, hubby however is working on getting comfortable with the idea. ;)

Would you ever consider a home-birth?