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Post Pregnancy Belly Wrapping

Post pregnancy belly wrapping is not a new concept. In fact, it's something that women from cultures all over the world have been doing for centuries. Modern versions of post pregnancy wraps are quite advanced, but the concept is the same: postnatal wrapping is intended to help new moms recover and heal.

What is post-pregnancy belly wrapping?
Postpartum Belly wrapping (also called postnatal binding) is the practice of using gentle compression to aid in recovery after giving birth.

Why wrap?
In the first six weeks following birth, whether a woman delivers vaginally or by cesarean, the body goes through a significant recovery and healing process. Belly wraps have been used for centuries by women all over world to aid in this healing process. Belly wrapping can help:
  • shrink and re-position their uterus after birth 
  • reduce bloating in the abdominal area caused by water retention
  • provide additional support to the abdominal area and core muscles to help improve posture and reduce strain in the lower back 
  • help heal any abdominal muscle separation
  • give additional support and comfort during exercise (6 weeks+ postpartum)
Jay Goldberg, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist in Beverly Hills, Calif., agrees. "We have been prescribing abdominal binders for a long time. They have been used for tummy tucks and back problems, but with obstetrics these wraps help women recovering from a vaginal delivery or a C-section with their posture, abdominal support, and self-confidence.”
The gentle compression on the abs may help the uterus return to its normal size quicker, so new moms may get rid of their still-pregnant-looking-belly quicker, Moore says. 
Another belly wrap bonus: “You may feel more comfortable and may feel like moving more and the more you move and exercise, the quicker you get your figure back,” Moore says.
To me the concept of compression as aid to recovery makes total sense. Just like I would use compression garments to aid my recovery after a really tough workout or a long run, a post pregnancy belly wrap is what I'll use to help my body recover post baby. I only wish I'd heard of this concept with my first three pregnancies!

When should I wrap?
For maximum benefit, we recommend that you begin using your Vespa & The Ladybird Belly Wrap within 24-48 hours after the birth of your baby and then continue to wear it for as many hours as you can throughout the day and night. As a first time mum you may still be coming to terms with the experience of labour and meeting your new baby that it may take you a few days longer to feel ready to start wearing your wrap - and that is totally okay. Be guided by how you are feeling as no two women's experiences are the same.

How long do I continue to wrap?
Most recommendations I've found say for the first six weeks postpartum. That seems a good rule of thumb. You may also wish to wear your wrap past the 6 week mark during workouts when you've been given the go-ahead by your doctor or midwife to restart your fitness routine.

I am most excited about the wrap for use during workouts. As someone who's lost quite a bit of weight in the past (and not to mention that post baby I just tend to have a little extra jiggle in my wiggle) I really believe wrapping for workouts will make them much more comfortable. Especially for things like plyo, sprints at the track, and the other high impact workouts I love.

For this purpose I've chosen to use the Vespa & The Ladybird Belly Wrap Plush. Their Classic and Plush ranges are both tagless and seamless (great for workouts). Their Plush range, however is also lined with super soft bamboo fabric. Bamboo is naturally moisture wicking and antibacterial (Not to mention a sustainable crop. Bonus.) which is perfect for workout use. 

**Edit: Since posting this the company I got my wrap from went out of business. You can find other wrapping options on Amazon here. The Belly Bandit looks most similar to the one I've tried.

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