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No More #PaleoChat

Sad to say it, but I have decided to say farewell to #PaleoChat.

Thank you so so so much to those that supported me (especially my die-hards, group hug!) in the two years that I hosted the chat. I enjoyed every single chat and loved getting to know you all better!

But, life has gotten crazy busy for us (check out my other blog if you don't know why) and I have to know what to let go of in order to enjoy this process.

I'll still be blogging and yammering on my social channels (I know, you're excited), just no chat.

Bye #PaleoChat! You were a blast. On to the next adventure...

Accountability and Weight Loss

One of the most important lessons I learned in going from a size 22 to an 8 is that accountability is a must in succeeding with weight loss. Sure, there are those pillars of strength out there kicking butt all by themselves, but that does not work for most us. 

Accountability can make all the difference in reaching our goals; it can help us stay on track and stick to our newly built (or still building) habits even when we're struggling.

Keeping ourselves accountable to ourselves is of course important, but often not enough to really help us stay the course. When we make a promise to someone else, or when we do this with another person, it can be a total game changer.

In my past weight loss efforts I had built layers upon layers of accountability, because when it comes to accountability: the more the better.

Some ideas on building layers of accountability:

  1. Blog. Whether you already have a blog or start a new one it can be a priceless form of accountability. Share your journey. Be open. Be honest. You may be surprised how life changing this can be. It was for me! But don't just blog, get out there and find others going through the same things as you, or that have the same goals. The community and support can be amazing.
  2. Get a workout buddy. Nothing can get you up and to the gym (or your living room, or out on a run...) like knowing someone else is counting on you to be there! Plus, you're doing the same for them. Win, win.
  3. Find a text buddy, or email, or facebook message, or in real life, whatever works in your situation. I love this and find it hugely motivating. Find someone to check in with once a week on your goals, or even every day for your workouts like I used to do (via text at 4 am, it was one of the most effective things I've done). Whatever works for you and them. Again, knowing you are accountable to that other person is just priceless.
  4. Use social media. Instagram, facebook, twitter, you tube... whatever form you choose you can share your meals, workouts, ups, downs, the whole journey. Check out some of the commonly used hashtags,like #fitfluential, #FFcheckin, #fitfam, #weightlossjourney, #weightloss, #fitness, or #paleo if that's your thing, or #bodyafterbaby, or #WW, you get the idea. I think you'll find others to follow and cheer on as well as those that will cheer on and encourage you. 

There is just nothing like declaring your goal out loud and allowing others to help keep you accountable. I learned this important lesson the last time around, but have not been using it post-baby. I keep saying I will, but I don't. That ends now.

Two things I will start right away for accountability:

  1. #ffcheckin on instagram Monday-Friday (at least). I'm working on making a habit of setting out the workout I plan to do and all my gear the night before, so it will most likely be a pic of that and a blurb about how my day went.
  2. Monthly weigh in posts here. I keep saying I will do weekly posts, but then I don't. Sometimes the progress I make in a week can seem discouraging, but it's about steady progress, so I am going to do monthly posts instead. Starting right now...

Post-baby I was about 216. Within the first 3 weeks I was down to 195. As I said in last week's post I've been going around and around since then. I was down to 190 after my dietbet and back up to 197 after the holidays.

This week: 195. That's a 2 pound loss.

Progress back in the right direction. I'll take it.

How can you/do you set up accountability for yourself?

Know When To Walk Away. Know When To RUN...

One of the best lessons I've learned in life is to know when to bag it.

I'm not a quitter, not by a long shot, but I've learned when to stop swimming upstream because something simply isn't working. When to try something different because I've made the wrong choice.

No shame in that.

I've been struggling. Seriously struggling with my workouts. Also struggling with my "I said I'm going to do something and dangit I'm going to follow-through and do it" self.

I want to do TurboFire. So badly. However, I only have the advanced DVDs. No big deal I thought, I'll just do the advanced DVDs. Unrealistic-thinking-say what?

They're too hard. Not in a I don't want to push myself way, but in a my body isn't there yet way.

Humble pie. My you're tasty.

So... as hard as it is to say, I'm changing my workout calendar from the one I shared last week.

Time to get real with myself.

It's so crazy to be in this post-baby body. Somehow in my head I'm still the badass advanced exerciser I was pre-baby, but in reality I'm notI keep trying to push myself to just magically BE there, but I'm not.

The last 6 months I've been in this vicious cycle. I jump into the advanced workouts I was previously used to (and LOVE): tabata, HIIT, sprints, plyo, lifting very heavy... upon realizing I can't do them I get frustrated and stop working out for a bit. Then, I'll do some sensible workouts for a while, and then jump up to the hard stuff too soon again. Repeat.

Dear Me,
You cannot just snap your fingers and be where you want to be. You're going to have to do the hard work. Just like you did before. You know how. Now just do it! The longer you fight it the worse off your fitness becomes.

Sensible works. Who knew?

It's time to get real with myself about where I'm at. Time to do what I should have done from the beginning: A sensible (for me) plan of re-building my fitness. Some weights, some yoga, some cardio. Building my running back mile by mile. It's what I need.

I can do this. I will get back to me.

Off to make a new plan! (I like workout calendars, they make me happy.)

Thanks for listening :) Do you ever struggle with how you view yourself in your head compared to where you're really at?

FitViews Favorites - The 5 BEST Beginner Workout DVD's

Disclaimer: these DVD's were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% honest and my own.

I have spent 2013 on a hunt. A hunt for the best workout DVD's for beginners. I've tried many, many, many DVD's and hands down these are my favorites...

1. Walk it Off in 30 Days consists of 2 workouts: Burn 30 and Firm 30. Burn 30 is a 30 minute cardio workout and Firm 30 is a 30 minute strength training workout. I burned about 250 calories with the cardio portion of this DVD.

I love that this DVD could be a complete program for someone starting out!

2. 5 Mega Miles consists of 5 'Mile' workouts that can be done alone or together. It also includes a toning band to be used in the strength portions of the workout. I burned about 450 calories during this workout.

This DVD is my favorite way to make sure I'm getting my steps in!

3. Walk to the Hits: Radio Remixes is a fun 45 minute HIIT workout. I burned about 350 calories with this workout.

Love the fun upbeat music.

4. Walk to the Hits: Party Songs is another fun 45 minute HIIT workout set to great music. I burned about 350 calories with this DVD.

Again, love the fun upbeat music in this workout.

5. Belly Blasting Walk is a core-focused DVD that includes a cardio session and a floor session. I burned about 200 calories doing this DVD.

Strengthening our core is so important. I love how this DVD makes that approachable for all fitness levels!

Noticing a bit of a theme there? Yes, I think Leslie Sansone's DVDs are by far the best beginner-friendly DVD's I've tried. These workouts pleasantly surprised me. Leslie is fun and upbeat, the music is great (and not annoying), the workouts are adaptable to suit most fitness levels, and the calorie burn for all were great. I thoroughly enjoyed these workouts and think they have a place in even non-beginner's workout schedules; I love to add one of these as a second workout when I'm doing 2-a-days. 

If you're looking for a beginner-friendly workout that you can do at-home I really think you can't go wrong with any of these DVD's and I wholeheartedly recommend them! 

***Please note that I include my calorie burn for comparison. Everyone is different and will have different results. I use a Polar heart rate monitor to obtain my burn. Post contains affiliate links.