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Awesome by August

I am amazed at just how many of us are struggling with our healthy living/weight loss efforts right now. Around the blogs and Twitter I am constantly running into friends that are just...struggling.

So a few twitter friends and I cooked up a little challenge to spur us on!

Introducing the Awesome by August weight loss challenge. (I know we're already awesome, but it was a catchy title) #awesomebyaugust on twitter.

Basically it's a 4 week weight loss challenge. Whoever loses the highest percentage of weight in the next 4 weeks wins. The focus of course is on healthy weight loss, no crazy antics here. I think we're all over that anyway, yes?

If you want to join simply take a picture of your feet on your scale (showing the reading) tomorrow morning with a piece of paper with the date written on it showing in the pic also. Email it to me by tomorrow, Friday the 9th, midnight (mountain time) with the subject line: "Entering Challenge". Let me know if I can post your pic or if you want me to keep your weight private.

Once I receive all the entries the official beginning weigh in post will be over at Monday the 12th. Then from there it will go to . I will always link to the weigh in post in my Monday post as I'm sure will Steve and Brooke so you don't get lost trying to find the challenge status (and yes, we'll be participating in the challenge too!).

  • Open to anyone in the USA (International folks can participate in the fun, but aren't elligible for the prizes due to shipping costs. Sorry!)
  • 4 weeks long, starting Friday July 9th, ending August 6th
  • Must email me your weigh in pic every Friday by midnight my time (mountain time). then official weigh ins will be posted the following Mondays
  • Must use the same scale every week (try for the same time of day too)
  • Picture must show a piece of paper with date written on it
  • If you miss a weigh in week you can still participate in the fun of the challenge, but aren’t eligible for prizes
  • Focus is on healthy weight loss, not crazy antics. Healthy eating and working out is encouraged. Pills, severe calorie cutting, etc isn’t allowed.
  • If you don't want your weight posted say that clearly in each email weigh in, I will simply post your percentage and not your pic or weight, but you have to be willing to email me your weigh in pic for tracking.
  • Highest percentage of weight lost from start weight of challenge will determine winners
  • Everything here is of course on the honor system, there's no way to police it all, but I know everyone will be honest, cuz you're all so awesome!
I am still rounding up prizes, thinking 1st, 2nd, 3rd places will be awarded plus some fun ones like top mom. I will be linking to prize sponsors in my sidebar. I hope to have them all prizes together to list on Steve's Monday post. But there's some pretty good swag so far, like a Jillian Michael's DVD and Body Glide for Her. If you would be willing to contribute a prize please email me: and I'll add it to the list. All prize sponsors will ship directly to winners, except a few companies shipping to me and I'll ship those out.

Who's in? Let's do this! 

Feel free to email me with questions!