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Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 2 Recap

How was your week? Did you run? Did you walk? Did you walk/run? Don't forget to give us the break down in the comments. If you are part of this challenge, don't forget you need to check in each weekly post in the comments to be eligible for the socks. Doesn't matter how your running week went, only that you check in about it! If you missed commenting last week, go back and do it now:

I had an AWESOME running week! I really feel progress is being made. 

I made the decision to toss out hill runs until I can do them outside. I really just hate them on the treadmill. Getting myself to run and workout is hard enough without trying to make myself do something I hate. So, I will be doing speed intervals twice a week and adding hills back in when I am able to get outside for them.

Wednesday I did 30 minutes of speed intervals. I walked one minute at 3 mph then ran 1 minute at 6 to 7.5 mph. Felt great. 

My workout schedule got shifted around this week because of soreness. I rested Monday AND Thursday! I wound up doing my second intervals workout Saturday, when I try to have Saturday be a rest day before my longer run. But I ran Saturday because I wanted to get 3 runs in! I am focused on that 5k time. It was the same workout as Wednesday.

Then, dun dun dun, came Sunday. I was sore from working out hard. Sore was the theme of last week for some reason. But I was determined to kick that three miles in the tail. So I decided I would slow down my pace a little, but still get my run in. My goal was to run the entire thing. I did stop and walk very briefly at 2 miles and 2.5 miles. Otherwise, I ran the whole thing and am so glad to be able to hold a run again. Finally. Coming back from injury seems to be taking forever. Yes, I should have biked to keep my cardio up like the doc said. Hindsight.

That was my week in running, Now you!!! Go...

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