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Reality Bites

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I don't know if anyone's paid attention, but the little runner girl ticker at the top of my know, the one that shows my weight loss progress...Well, she hasn't moved in a while. Not only has she not moved in the direction she should be moving, but she hasn't moved back. You know, back, like my progress has. 

I have been reluctant to move my ticker back to show the pounds I've regained. I just couldn't do it. But in avoiding doing it I'm not being real. Ticker girl has sat at 172 for months. While my weight has bounced between 172 and 182 during that time. 

Time to get real...sorry ticker girl, just like me you're going to have to conquer those same pounds over again. 179. Reality. Yes, it bites, but it's truth. It's where I am. It's where I begin again, today.