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My Game Plan to KILL That Sub 30 5k in 2012

THIS keeps me motivated to keep at it.
One of my goals for 2012 is a sub 30 minute 5k. I. Will. Get. It. This is the year I make goals and then make plans on how to reach them and then go get them! No wishy washy setting goals and forgetting about them here. This is the year I run a faster 5k.

To reach my sub 30 minute goal I need to shave roughly 3 minutes off of my 5k time. Now that may sound like a lot to more advanced runners, but I'm still very much in the improving stages of running. While I have ran for about 5 years now, injury (my hip) has periodically taken me out and consistency has been my struggle. The last time I set out to best my 5k time I shaved off 6 minutes!

My game plan to kill this sub 30 minute 5k this year (thanks to all of my fitfluential running friends for their advice!):

  1. LOTS of speed work. LOTS. I'll be doing some on the treadmill, some on the track, and a little on dirt paths. I've been given lots of speed workout ideas and I'm going to take them...and run ;)
  2. Core work. I always slack on this. Well, not this year! I'm going to include core work with every weights workout I do.
  3. Slowly up my miles a bit. Since I'm still coming back from my hip acting up last fall I'll be upping my mileage a bit, but not going crazy. Likely I will only run 3 days a week. I tend towards over-training and I'll err on the side of caution here.
  4. Cross training! This will mostly be in the form of weights, core work, and other forms of cardio. Tons of cross training will be happening up in here. 
  5. Hill Workouts. I know the perfect hill for this. I'll shoot for a couple times a month.
  6. Lose a little more weight. I am still sort of heavy for a runner, hanging out around 175 pounds still. A lighter me will mean a faster me. 
That's my I'm off to get busy doing this thing!