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Body Revolution for Beginners

Is Jillian Michael's Body Revolution for beginners? Would you recommend Body Revolution for a beginner? Can I modify Body Revolution to suit a more beginner fitness level? These are questions I've gotten a lot since blogging through Body Revolution last year.

Before I begin answering these questions I want to point out: I am not a doctor, trainer, or any type of health professional. What I am giving are my thoughts and opinions. Always check with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.

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When I did Body Revolution for the first round I was at a more advanced fitness level. Straight from the beginning I was doing most of the moves at the most advanced level Jillian shows. Adding weights, jumping, whatever.

However, now I am doing Body Revolution again at a much diminished fitness level post-baby and feel better equipped to answer the questions on how people at a more beginner fitness level will fare with this program.

Here are my thoughts...

  1. I do not think Body Revolution is for absolute exercise beginners (as in have never exercised) or those with limiting injuries. The program steadily gets harder and at the end there is tons of plyo and crazy body-twisting moves that I feel exclude these folks.
  2. That said I love how Body Revolution starts easier the first few weeks and gradually gets harder. For my diminished fitness level post-baby it is perfect! It begins with building strength, balance, and form and works up in intensity throughout the program.
  3. I believe modification and listening to your body is key. Do the moves at the beginner levels Jillian shows, use lighter or even no weights, go at your own pace. Weeks 1 and 2 are much more beginner friendly than the rest of the set. My best advice is to hang out there as long as you need to. Then, likewise, as you move up through the program hang out at any level for extra time if you're not ready to advance to the next.
Every workout program isn't for everybody. It's all about finding what we love and will do. I personally like Body Revolution and that's why I went back to it. I love that it's only 30 minutes a day. I love that it's weights and cardio. I love it's intensity. And right now, most of all, I love the fact that I can do it even though I'm not at my normal fitness level. 

Bottom line? I think Body Revolution is doable for most beginners. (Again, check with your health care provider as everyone's situation is different.)

Are you a beginner that has tried Body Revolution? Would love your thoughts!