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xoxo, Kerri O.

Fitness Fashion Friday 3/31 - Under Armour

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another Fitness Fashion Friday.

Is it just me, or is Under Armour stuff just getting cuter by the minute...

How about you? Are you loving Under Armour as much as I am lately?

Very Berry Beet Protein Power Smoothie

While I'm partial to many a root vegetable, I love beets. Like, really love beets. Like, my current favorite kombucha flavor is:

Seriously, it's yummy, you should try it. Anyway, beets...

OK, yes, I'm a little obsessed with beets lately, but beets are really good for you! Yet, I know so many people who don't like beets. (It's OK, we can still be friends). Beets contain Vitamin C and folate as well as many minerals our bodies need. Plus, they have fiber and a cup of beets only has around 60 calories. WIN.

While I eat a lot of things just because they're good for me, beets I truly love. In an effort to encourage the beet love I'm playing around with beet recipes. Right now smoothie recipes in particular. For beet lovers and not-so-beet lovers alike!

This Very Berry Beet Protein Power Smoothie is chocked full of good for you things like protein, berries, and beets. It also has my new non-dairy milk find: Milkadamia (isn't that the greatest name?) Macadamia Mil…

Fitness Fashion Friday 3/24

I started the year off with a run streak. Low mileage, nothing crazy, but it was soooo good for me. The consistency did more for me and my running than I'd done the entire 3 years post-baby #4. 

It feels so great to be back to running again. Running is my me-time, my therapy, my time to burn all the junk out of my head. I was really starting to miss it for much more than just the fitness aspect of it.

With a renewed love of running comes a renewed need for runfashion right? It's a runcessity. For the runspiration, right? OK, I have runfession, I might have an issue with made up run___ words.

Let's just get to the fashion...

What are you excited about in running gear and fashion lately?
Who has more punny run____ words?

101 Easy Healthy Snack Recipes Round-Up

Oh my goodness you guys, I have been working on this healthy snack recipe round-up for a MONTH. It was definitely a labor of love. Ha ha! I really had no idea when I set out to round up 101 healthy snack recipes what an undertaking that was! I started out with my favorite healthy snack recipes. That made about 40. I asked my blogger friends for their favorites. That made about 75. So I asked more blogger friends for their favorite healthy snack recipes... It was quite the process. 101 is more than you think. Anyway, ramble ramble, it was a lot more work than I realized from the beginning, but I was determined to finish it!

Finally, here you are, my favorite healthy snack recipes along with my blogger friends favorite healthy snack recipes. 

Whether you're paleo, vegan, gluten-free, or just trying to eat lighter I've tried to round up a little something for everyone. I've separated it into categories to make it a little easier to peruse.


MuffinsWhole Wheat Chocolate Chip…

Fitness Fashion Friday 3/17

Hey guys! You know how I love my fitness fashion. I really and truly believe that it goes deeper than the clothes. It's about feeling good and taking care of ourselves. Let me go wayyyy back to the beginning. I used to think fitness fashion was a total waste of money and deep down I didn't think I was worth it. I reasoned, why waste money on something I was just going to sweat in? I also constantly told myself that I would be worth it when. When I reached a certain size... When the scale read a certain number...


When we take care of ourselves (and yes, even pamper ourselves sometimes) everything else goes better. Including our workouts! Fitness fashion motivates me. It makes me feel good. It's fun. It's also quite functional. Oh my goodness how much better it is to wear things meant for the job. Seriously.

But I haven't found a great way to share that obsession, er...LOVE, with you guys yet. Well, I decided to start a Fitness Fashion Friday series. Just a qu…

BCAA Lemonade Recipe

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acid. To get technical a minute, Wikipedia says: 

A branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) is an amino acid having aliphatic side-chains with a branch (a central carbon atom bound to three or more carbon atoms). Among the proteinogenic amino acids, there are three BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine and valine. The three proteinogenic BCAAs are among the nine essential amino acids for humans, accounting for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins and 40% of the preformed amino acids required by mammals.

BCAAs are a popular supplement in the fitness community. I've read claims from they help grow muscle to they help retain lean muscle when cutting calories. I recently read an interesting article on, BCAAs: The Many Benefits of Branch-Chained Amino Acid Supplements. It's a really great read if you're not familiar with BCAAs. 

Personally, I've taken BCAAs off and on for years and I do feel like I see a benefit in recovery an…