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Fitness Fashion Friday - Gearing Up For Summer + Find The Perfect Shorts

It's finally starting to show signs of summer being on its way around here! After a long, cold, gray winter I'm beyond excited. Summer is my favorite.

My workouts often change in the summertime. The days are longer and there is so much more sunshine I'm definitely drawn outside more. Early morning runs are amazing and my cruiser bike comes back out. Even the weights and circuit workouts I'm doing currently have already moved out to the back patio. Wherever and however I workout I just looooooove summer workout gear.

Whether you workout outside or live where the summer heat chases you indoors, whether you run, hike, lift, gym...however you workout this summer I have gear suggestions for you! 

A few things that top my summer workout gear list:
A great pair of active sunglasses are a must.A good natural sunscreen.Sweatworthy makeup.EOS lip balm (my precious).A great, bright bag.Run skirts!Capris with cutouts or mesh inserts.Cute tanksAn incognito activity tracker.

Summer also …

Built for Her - Establish (phase 2) Recap and Results

I was sent a copy of the Built for Her program for review purposes. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.
OK, first off I need to call myself out on a little BS for my Built for Her Establish phase recap. I totally phoned it in for weeks 2 and 3 of this phase. My calories were high about 4 days, not a big deal, but I had an extra 'treat' meal or two, completely dropped the ball on my food prep, and my effort was just not there. I missed a workout or 2 each week and overall just did not give this phase my best effort. Maybe a little self sabotage going on? Definitely a whole lot of poor time management and not prioritizing myself and my workouts. Maybe I need to add an extra layer of accountability? 

Anyway, I don't believe in excuse-making or white-washing my actions. I'm working on the underlying issues; that's the important point here. I almost redid the entire phase because I wanted to give it my best effort, but instead I decided to just do another full…