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Keto and Crossfit: One Month Check-In #ketolovescrossfit

My, my how time flies when you're having fun. I was surprised to look at the calendar and see that it was time for my keto + crossfit one month progress report already! I think that's a good sign; let's jump right in with my results after month 1...

Body Fat down .2% (using an Omron)
Fasting Glucose staying around 90
Ketones staying around 1.2 (using a Keto Mojo)
Weight same (within a couple pounds, discussion below...)
Bust same
Rib Cage down 1/4 inch
Waist down 1/2 inch
Hips down 1/2 inch
Right Mid-Thigh same
Right Mid-Calf same
Right Mid-Bicep down 1/2 inch
Neck down 1/4 inch

Not a lot of change here, but promising to me. I think my body is adjusting to the change of pace. I was SUPER sore the first 2 weeks as I adjusted to these workouts. My weight has fluctuated throughout the month. Up a few pounds, down a few pounds. I think maybe just related to the sore muscles, and a little dairy now and then...ugh. I think I'm down about 2 pounds, but will see if things even out for mont…