Memorial Day Weekend Fail

My usual holiday strategy is to up my workouts right before a holiday and then right after. I also keep my calories on track, even a slight bit lower a few days before. Then I only splurge on those things that I really want and try to eat relatively healthy things otherwise.

This strategy has helped me through many holidays without a gain.

This weekend you ask? How was it this weekend?

Ha ha ha. I didn't do any of the above. Nope. Nada.

I stuck to my regular workout and calories before the weekend. Then, well, then I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. 

We spent much of the weekend at my parents house helping them. My mom likes to cook. And generally nothing remotely resembling healthy. Usually I just eat tiny portions when I'm there. But, NOT this weekend. This weekend I ate...and ate...and ate. I had meatloaf and potatoes and pancakes (with real butter and syrup of course). Starbucks...Turkey bacon AND turkey sausage...The list is long.

I did take a lot of walks around their property with my little brother and stick to my workout schedule throughout the weekend. Even ran 4 miles on Saturday, woo! Bright spot amongst the insanity?

But I gained. The scale said 177 this morning. Ouch. Some water weight due to all the salty crappy food I'm sure. I won't weigh again for a few days to let things level out and see where I am really at.

I however will not be beating myself up or freaking out. 

I will be upping my workouts and getting right back on track with my eating.

What is most curious to me is..why? Why did I make such poor choices this weekend? (because oh yes, I knew what I was doing, I made those choices) Why did I choose to sabotage myself? Sort of random for me at this point. Something to contemplate.

How was your weekend?