Excuse Busting

What's your top excuse?

You know, the one you use to make it OK while you eat half a tub of ice cream or a pan of brownies (what, that's just me?). 

Mine is "Oh, I just don't care!"

Nonsense, right? Absolutely. But it's the one I use. Over and over again I have told myself this.

Thing is, I DO care. Obviously. Still, it's my go to excuse when I want to throw everything out the window and be stupid.

So, today I'm sitting down and writing out: Why I DO care. Then, next time I tell myself that I in fact do not care I will take out my journal and read it. Will it help? It's the best idea I have at the moment!

How about you? What's your top excuse?

**2011 journal exercise: Write down your top excuse. Now, write out why it's absolute bunk. Be detailed, be real with yourself.