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Review: Personal Training With Jackie 30 Day Fast Start

Jackie Warner's latest workout DVD is Personal Training With Jackie 30 Day Fast Start. Now, I've never met a Jackie Warner DVD that I didn't LOVE...but this one, I'm on the fence about.

From the back of the DVD:
Get a FAST START and transform your body from head to toe using Jackie's secret power Pyramid Training method pulled straight from the programs she uses with celebrity clients. Pyramid training is the fastest way to see changes in your body whether you are just starting out or need to break through a plateau. In these two power packed workouts you'll perform pyramid sets that combine Jackie's handpicked, dynamically sequenced moves with high rep progression to put you in the ultimate fat burning zone. You'll overload every major muscle group which is the fastest way to build lean muscle and turn your body into a fat burning machine! You'll work hard, but it's worth it for these results. Stick with this program for 30 days and take your body to the lean extreme!

This DVD is set up into two workouts. A 24 minute upper body routine and a 21 minute lower body and abs routines (which although it doesn't say so also includes shoulders). You can do the workouts together or separately. However, if you do them together they are merely stacked and you don't skip the warm-up and cool-down portions; you will do warm-up, upper body, cool-down, warm-up, lower body and abs, cool-down.

For this workout you will need a set of hand weights and possibly a mat if you prefer one. 

The workouts are set up in 'power pyramids'. For example, you will do one bi-cep curl and one push-up. Then you do two bi-cep curls and two push-ups. You continue up until you reach ten bi-cep curls and ten push-ups. Then you move on to another set of two moves and another pyramid. 

This is a unique workout unlike any I've tried before. It is definitely tough and you will absolutely feel it the next day or so. I found myself so sore afterwards that I had a hard time talking myself into doing it again! I have never had my arms be as sore as they were after this workout. After I'd done it 4 or 5 times it wasn't as bad. 

It's a kick butt workout. It's fresh and different from anything I've tried. So why am I on the fence? Well, the pace. Especially the pace in the upper body portion. No matter how light I went with my weights I could just not keep up. I also found it difficult to focus on good form and the muscles I was supposed to be working. Many times I had to skip portions of the pyramids; for example I might completely skip the 4 and 7 reps just to keep up. Now, there's something to be said for going at your own pace, but at the same time I buy workout DVDs so that I can follow along with the workouts.

Overall I give Personal Training With Jackie 30 Day Fast Start 3.5 stars. The set is clean yet edgy and the music is good. It's a killer workout, if you can keep up or not be annoyed with keeping your own counts and lagging behind. I definitely recommend going very light with weights the first time you try it, just to see where you're at with it.

Disclaimer: This DVD was provided to me for review by the PR company. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own. Post contains affiliate links.