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WARNING: Top 5 Dangers of Doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

You may have heard of Body Revolution from Jillian Michaels. It's her new fancy pants workout program. I hear the infomercials are everywhere. Recently I completed this program and would like to take a moment and share my experiences and the list I came up with of the dangers you may experience upon trying this program. I've been through it, please people, heed my warnings.

Top 5 Dangers of Doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

5. Equipment. As in shaving equipment. Be it shaving your legs or your under arms, shaving may become a hazard. Or at the least quite a challenge. Upon completing Body Revolution you may find all these funny things poking out or dipping in that were NOT there prior to Body Revolution. I believe they may just be bones and muscles, but I'm no expert. Seriously, get a good razor and be careful.

4. Too much time. If you are someone (as I was) that thinks you need to spend at least an hour+ a day working out you will find you have too much extra time on your hands. These workouts are only around 30 minutes. If you're one of these people I would suggest planning ahead. Pick up a new book or hobby maybe? Don't be stuck twiddling your thumbs.

3. Cussing. Or cursing, whichever you prefer. Even if you're not the type for it, you may just find yourself flinging the occasional curse word at the screen during these workouts. I tried my best, but from time to time I found a stray expletive escaping my lips. If you're someone prone to f-bombs it may be safest to clear the children and the elderly from the room before beginning your workout.

2. Alienating your friends and family. This one shocked me the most: you may find that your friends and family will in fact tire of all your flexing and showing off of your new-found muscles. Delighted shouts of: "Look, look at this muscle!" may begin to garner head shakes and eye-rolls. I know hubby is entirely tired of me showing him my biceps. Although my 9 year old still thinks it's cool, so reactions may be mixed, go ahead and test the waters here. 

1. Money. Yep, you read that right: cost. This is a very expensive program. Oh, I'm not talking about the cost of buying I'm talking about the fact that I now need an entire new wardrobe. Everything! Workout clothes, jeans, bras, sports bras, even my wedding ring is now too big! Although, to be fair my ring was a bit big before, but now it's just plain falling off. I blame Jillian Michaels for all of this. Yes, the expense of this program is deceiving and can really add up fast.

Tragic, just tragic. What was Jillian thinking?! Just another case of tough trainer, good program, awesome results. It's sad people, just sad...

OK, OK, I'll be back with my final Body Revolution results tomorrow and my real review of Body Revolution the day after!