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Body After Baby 9 Weeks Postpartum - #30dayPUSH

After two weeks 'off' I feel so much better. I feel refreshed and ready to attack this postpartum weight loss thing again. 

I spent the past two weeks reflecting and getting my mindset right. One thing hit me pretty hard the other day: I have a daughter.

Obviously I want to set a good example for my boys as well, but I was looking at my sweet baby girl and I thought: I need to be the best me for you. I need to set a good example of a woman that loves and takes care of herself. WHOA. Big deal.

OK, back to square one.

What I've realized is that I've let my habits slip. From the habit of working out to the habit of meal planning. From making a to-do list to cleaning the kitchen (and with our homeschool year starting September 3rd that's no bueno). Not only were bad habits sneaking in, but good habits were slipping out. It began towards the end of my pregnancy and got progressively worse.

I've also realized that I've set NO goals this year. None. So not like me.

Time to focus on re-building good habits and setting some goals!

A few days ago I ran across Chalene Johnson's book PUSH. I got it back when it first came out and quickly read through it. I love the focus on goal setting and building habits. Now seems like the perfect time to pick it back up and go through and do the journal work! 

There's also an online 30-Day Challenge that I'll be doing at the same time (they can go hand in hand). The online challenge doesn't have to be about health and fitness. It can be about work or your personal life, anything you want to improve on.

Want to join me on either? Comment below if you're in! I'll be using the #30dayPUSH hashtag on twitter or instagram. Today is my Day 1.

Something that really struck me from Day 1 was the question: What do you want to be remembered for? Wow. Hmmm.

What do YOU want to be remembered for?

Paleo Breakfast Options - It's Really Not All About The Bacon

Paleo Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee Creamer
I have a confession. I don't eat bacon. I know, all Paleo folks are bacon obsessed right? Nope, not me. My dad is allergic to pork and I grew up not eating it. I do enjoy the occasional nitrate-free turkey bacon, but real bacon kind of grosses me out. I know, GASP.

So what do we eat for breakfast around here? Tons of different things!

Omelets. Endless variety here. Mix and match veggies, spices, and meats.

Scrambles. Scramble some eggs and throw in whatever sounds good!

Warrior Mix cereal. Add some almond milk or coconut milk if you're just missing that cereal feeling! 

Leftovers! Don't be trapped in a 'what breakfast should be' box. I eat a lot of dinner leftovers for breakfast.

Random cravings. Sometimes it's whatever sounds good. The other day I threw some frozen diced butternut squash in a pan, added a bit of ghee (grassfed butter is good too), and cinnamon. Yum. Salads for breakfast? Love them. Again, step out of the 'what breakfast should be' box and experiment!

Some awesome Paleo breakfast recipes from around the web (Many can be prepared ahead and eaten throughout the week to save time). Don't worry, there's even some bacon.:

From FitViews

Paleo Pumpkin Bread


Sausage, Egg and Sweet Potato Skillet

Southwestern Frittata

Egg Cupcakes

Breakfast Paleo Pizza

Paleo Apple Muffins


Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins

Pumpkin Pancakes (this is one we have a LOT)


Heart Waffles with Strawberry Compote (current fav waffle recipe, make it all the time as regular waffles without the compote) 



All of the above mentioned sites are amazing Paleo recipe resources. Definitely peruse them for more ideas.

What are your go to Paleo-friendly breakfasts?

Body After Baby 7 Weeks Postpartum - Lurking Bad Habits

This is the second version of today's post. The first version I just deleted. It was full of this is what I did wrong last week, this is why my stats are exactly the same as they've been, and this is what I'm going to do different this week.

All fine and good, BUT...

I noticed myself in the bathroom this morning looking in the mirror and despising what I saw.

Not OK.

The last week I've noticed I've been obsessing about my calories, the scale, and my lack of progress.

Not OK.

It's true that I don't feel like myself right now, at this weight. It's true that I'm a little frustrated that I've leveled off; I expected to be steadily (even if slowly) losing weight already. But regressing into old bad habits? 

Not OK.

image via Pinterest
It's interesting how quickly these things I'd thought I'd completely conquered have raised their ugly heads. It seems that I've allowed being overweight again to transport me back to my old unhealthy mindsets. 

Self-loathing? I beat that demon ages ago. Right? Yet, there I was looking in the mirror and hating on myself this morning.

Scale obsession? Psssh. Completely gotten over that. And yet I found myself jumping on the scale daily this past week. Not just getting on the scale, but letting what it said affect my mood and how I felt about myself.

Freaking out about every little calorie? I overcame that when I went Paleo two years ago! Yet, here I was this week. Obsessing away.

Wow. Time to check myself.

image via Pinterest
This week: I'm taking a step back. 

This week: I'm going to get my head right again.

I'll workout when and how I feel like it. I will be sticking to The 21 Day Sugar Detox (which is going very well), but I won't be tracking my food. 

Bottom line: weight loss isn't worth losing the me I've fought so long and so hard to become.

We always have choices. Image via Pinterest.

Join Me For August's #PaleoChat!

#PaleoChat will be returning to twitter tomorrow, August 7 at 9 PM Eastern! After a brief break for #BabyO, I'm excited to return. 

Body After Baby 6 Weeks Postpartum - The 21 Day Sugar Detox Begins!

The 21-Day Sugar Detox
Day 1! Here we go...
I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks. The time has zipped by. 

Looking back I'm happy at how I handled the first 6 weeks postpartum. I rested, I healed, I was lightly active as I was able. I listened to my body. I was gentle with my sleep deprived self.

Other than the initial post-birth weight loss the first 2 weeks I didn't lose any weight. I'm totally good with that.

Stats this week:
Weight: 196
Bust: 44 1/2
Waist: 37
Hips: 44
Clothing Size: 13/14

I am super excited to be at the 6 week mark. Last night I had hubby drag this out for me:
We were painting and moving things around during my last trimester so I had packed up most of my fitness DVDs. I couldn't do most of them anyway. So. Danged. Excited. To rip into them again.

BUT, I need to take it slow. I know my fitness is not what it was pre-pregnancy. This week will be spent trying out workouts, modifying where needed, and finding out where my fitness level is.

I had planned to jump straight into a program at 6 weeks, but decided that it would be a wise choice to figure out where I'm at first. My cardio capacity and strength feel non-existent right now!

Goals this week:
  • Track in My Fitness Pal Monday through Friday.
  • Do workout DVDs 3 to 4 days (modifying as needed of course).
  • Test out running, probably with run/walk intervals, 1 day.
  • Yoga 1 day.
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox!
Sore muscles here I come...

Crustless Paleo Breakfast Quiche Recipe

Crustless Paleo Breakfast Quiche

Since hubby and I are doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox for the next 3 weeks I took some time today to do some food prep. It's just too easy to stare into the refrigerator and say, "There's nothing to eat!" when eating only real, whole foods. Food prep is my secret weapon for being successful with Paleo eating in general and definitely for things like the Detox (or Whole30).

Hubby is the worst at running out of the house without breakfast, so one of the things I made was this Crustless Paleo Breakfast Quiche. It's a super easy make-ahead breakfast recipe. 

Crustless Paleo Breakfast Quiche


18 eggs
1 yellow onion - diced
1 red pepper - diced
8 oz mushrooms - diced
1 Tablespoon coconut oil
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp chili powder


 Melt 1 Tablespoon coconut oil in a skillet heated to medium. Saute the onions until they begin to brown.

 Add the diced mushrooms and cook 3 to 4 minutes until soft. Set aside to cool.

Beat the eggs, sea salt, and chili powder. Add the onions, mushroom, and red pepper. Pour into a 9 x 13 baking dish greased with coconut oil.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes, until center is done and edges are brown.

Easy Whole30 Breakfast Quiche

Let cool and cut into squares (I usually make 12 squares so that 2 squares=about 3 eggs). It will puff up slightly and then deflate when cooled. This recipe is also amazing with any nitrate free meat you'd like to add in. We love to use leftover taco meat from taco salad night.

I store it in the refrigerator with plastic wrap over the top. You can also store individual portions in containers for on the go breakfasts.

What are your go-to healthy paleo, Whole30, or 21 Day Sugar Detox breakfasts?