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I have so much to talk about. I didn't feel much in the blogging/tweeting mood the last couple days. Feel like I'm catching up now! I will try not to ramble.

First, I re-started my 100 push-ups 200 sit-ups challenges this week. Just don't think I can do more yet in order to move on to the second week of workouts. My upper body strength sucks rocks. I am focusing more on that in strength workouts too. So, this is week one (again) of the six week challenges.

Second, my wonderful sis has come up with some challenges/wagers between her and I. I have of course accepted. 

  1. Water: Whichever of us drinks the most water in the next two weeks wins and the loser has to buy the winner a $5 Starbucks card. I am terrible at this and she is kicking my tail already.
  2. Workouts: Whoever has the most workout minutes in the next two weeks wins and loser has to send the winner a pair of running socks. I think I can take her out here!
  3. Productivity: Whoever gets up by 4:45 (yep, a.m., we both find it a great time to get things done) and does something productive the most times in the next two weeks wins, loser has to wear a t-shirt for a race we are running in April that says something like: 'my sister rocks' or 'my sister is the most amazing person in the whole wide world! She runs farther/faster than me!' 'I am the slow sister' something like that, we'll figure it out.
Should be a fun two weeks of heckling! These types of things tend to motivate my competitive nature. I am thankful for her helping keep me motivated to reach my goals. But she's still goin' down! ;)

Last, I just want to thank everyone again for their comments, tweets, prayers, and support about my Dad. You guys are awesome and I am feeling very thankful today!

Have an awesome Thursday!