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05.05.2010 Weigh In--Extreme Chronicles Update

I am struggling with writing lately. I just feel sort of ho hum. Like I have nothing important to say. I think part of it is that I am behind on my blog reading. I just haven't had time lately to visit blogs. I miss that. Hoping to find make time soon. When I am not connecting I lose interest in my blog. Weird.

Just wanted to put that out there, it's what I'm feeling this morning.

On with the weigh in post. I weighed in this morning at 173. Happy with that. I've lost a pound of the pound and a half I had gained the previous 3 weeks. I'll take it.

Since sitting down and getting real about why I was so freaking hungry lately I have started tracking on Sparkpeople again. For about a month I had been just jotting calories down on a tablet in the kitchen. By logging on Sparkpeople I can look at what I am eating and my nutrient balance. Well, I had let my protein slip. I was only getting 70-80 grams a day. Which might be fine for some, but for me, especially with doing ChaLEAN Extreme, it doesn't cut it. I played around for a few days and finally settled that I need 120-125 grams of protein to feel satisfied and back to my normal self. That is simply what works for me right now, not a recommendation for someone else.

I've consumed that amount of protein for the past few days and feel awesome, back to normal. I no longer want to eat everything in the kitchen. Phew, problem solved. Now back to the downward trend!

Two weeks down and I am loving ChaLEAN Extreme. I have never done a workout like it. The focus on lifting heavy and slow lifting is incredible. I still need to buy heavier weights. I really want to fail in 10-12 reps like Chalene recommends and the weights I have now don't do that for many of the exercises. If I am going to invest this much time and money in a workout I want to do it right and reap the full benefits. I've read some reviews where people have done this workout and not been content with the results, but then you look deeper and see they didn't watch what they ate, or they didn't lift heavy enough. Hmmm.

One surprise I had with this workout is the cardio. It is tough! I am sucking wind. I can do Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner workouts, no prob. Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is a hard workout, but I can definitely get through it. With this cardio I find myself skipping the last couple moves in some of the exercises because I just can't do it. I find this a good thing. A challenge, love it.

I have added the ab workout to two extra days. Chalene says in the ab DVD that abs recover quickly and you can do it more, so I plan to. I have also managed 2 to 3 runs a week on top of the program. Because I love to run and plan to race this summer. Other than that I am doing the workout as the calendar in the guide book suggests so far. There is a free workout included that is a little Turbo Jam-ish. I may add that in some too at some point.

I have to say that I tried Turbo Jam before and didn't like it, and wasn't exactly in love with Chalene Johnson. She was just a bit too much for me. But I love ChaLEAN Extreme and am just about a Chalene groupie now. She is not so over the top in this workout. I love her inspirational CD included with this set too. If she drove you nuts in Turbo Jam I can honestly say I think you'll like her in this workout.

I have high hopes for reaching goal by the end of this workout program! (the links lead to my sister's BeachBody Coach site if you click on shop on her site you can check out this workout, and even buy Beach Body products. I purchased this program and I receive no compensation for writing about any of this or referrals, only my honest opinions are given...just wanted to make that clear!)

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Have a great Wednesday!