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Monday Miles: Holy-Sore-Freakin-Muscles-Batman!

Yesterday I ran 7 miles. 

I not only ran 7 miles, but I ran them fast (for me) on a hilly route. I ran a one mile stretch back and forth, it was basically uphill a mile, then turn around and downhill for a mile. It was an awesome run. I pushed and felt spent at the end. Some of my downhill miles were 9 minutesish, 9:30. Compared to last year's long runs my times rock.

My muscles are SCREAMING at me today. 

I haven't been this sore from running in longer than I remember. But at the same time it feels good. Stay with me here, lol. It feels like I ran hard, like I pushed and wiped the floor with that long run. 

If there's such a thing as good sore or good tired, that's what I am today. It's a complete different feeling from feeling fatigued and sluggish from being so overweight and filling my body with crap food, sugar, and caffeine just trying to get through the day. That was miserable tired. Today I feel like I worked hard and I'm sort of relishing in the fatigue and soreness.

Next week's 8 miles are a welcome challenge. With each long run I am reminded that I CAN do this. I am reminded that I love this. I am reminded why I run.

Do you ever feel like muscle soreness is a good thing? Echoes of a job well done? 

Please, please share with me your remedies for muscle soreness!

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