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Things I'm Loving Right Now--Healthy Foods to Have on Hand

Just a quick list of some of the foods that are definitely in my arsenal for fighting holiday weight gain! 

I find it helpful to trim some calories here and there this time of year. I'm willing to give up my usual half in half in my coffee for a while to save a few calories. I use the Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Milk instead of skim milk, every bit adds up. 

The 2% Fage is a bit of a splurge, but I find splurging wisely on things like that helps me to not feel so abused passing up other treats. The VitaTops are also extremely helpful in avoiding the treats that are shoved at us from all over this time of year. I can happily say I had absolutely no Halloween candy this year...didn't even want it. I would so rather have a yummy Vitatop. 

Having healthier alternatives like the VitaTops, Fage Greek Yogurt, and Pink Lady apples on hand for snacks during the holidays is a must. I can usually talk myself out of the other sugary junk that seems to creep its way in this time of year. I just have a little conversation with myself when there is evil fudge staring at me, I tell myself it will just make me feel like crap, while the healthy alternatives will keep me feeling strong and energetic. During this busy season I need all the energy I can muster!