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So..I Went To This Thing Called Fitbloggin

I was terrible at taking pictures this weekend. So many people I wish I'd gotten pictures with. If you have pics with/of me that I don't have here. PLEASE email them to me!
Anyway, my journey in pics:
First things to go in the suitcase: running shoes and socks. Priorities, right?
Pic from the plane. I liked this cute little cloud.
Awesome room at Marriott Baltimore Waterfront. There was a Keurig in the room, this coffee freak was in heaven. I do believe I need one of those at home!
Look at that amazing harbor view!
Even more amazing at night.
Met Shauna! I was twitterpated.
Lots of great fitness stuff the first day. This is the amazing MizFitOnline and  Foodie McBody at the Ugi  demo.
Too much awesome for one photo! Walking around the harbor.
Dinner the first night was seafood. I was mildly traumatized by Alan's dinner looking at me with it's beady eyes ;)
More dinner pals. Sean, Sue, and Steve. This and above pic via
Me and Britt. Love this girl. A late Friday night it was.
Tracey and I stopped at the popchips booth for a snack shot Saturday.
Snacking in session. Nom nom nom.
Me and Dubyawife.
Me and Lisa! Fellow partaker of fancy flat diet coke. 
Me and Steeeeeeve! So glad to finally meet him.
More of me and Tracey.
Me and Sean. He was so much fun! Glad I got to meet him.
Robby on stage with Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. Love. That. Girl.
Farewell pic of my hair dryer. It was a casualty of fitbloggin swag. My suitcase was stuffed, something had to go, and *sniffle* this was chosen to be left behind. I'll miss you dear hair dryer.
Celebrity siting with its_Gayle. One milllllion points if you know who that is! (she had to tell me ;)
I met many, many more awesome people, but that's all the pics I took. Bummed. I do have some video. Will work on editing that today and post soon!

HUGE hugs and thank yous to Coach's Oats for being my sponsor. Without them, none of this would have been possible for me.