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Going Primal 30 Day Challenge--Week 1 Weigh In

First, I'll get straight to my first week's results on The Primal Blueprint:
Beginning Stats
Weight 176

BF% 31.4

Waist 32.5
Right Thigh 20.5
Right Calf 14.25
Right Arm 12
Hips 41.75
Week 1 Stats
Weight 175.5
BF% 31.4 (using an Omron BF monitor, results can be fickle)
Waist 32.25
Right Thigh 20.5
Right Calf 14
Right Arm 11.75
Hips 41.75
My first week going Primal I lost half a pound and 3/4 of an inch total. Not bad. I suspect most people would experience bigger losses their first week on Primal, but since I was going Paleo to Primal I'm very pleased with those results.

I'm enjoying Primal. Not going to lie, I LOVE having the organic whipping cream in my coffee. I also really enjoy having whey protein smoothies back. Trying not to go back to using them as a crutch for my protein intake though. Overall I think this is absolutely something I can enjoy long term.

I went back and forth on the whole tracking thing for this experiment. In the book Mark Sisson suggests you track (at least at first) your food, especially your carb intake. Focusing on keeping your carbs within a certain range based on your weight loss goals. I truly enjoyed NOT tracking the 'numbers' with my Paleo experiment and wasn't sure how I would feel about tracking again. (Other than the video tracking I do, which doesn't focus at all on numbers, calories, etc). One of my favorite things about my little Paleo experiment was not feeling obsessed over calories!

But tracking carb intake seemed an integral part of this plan, so I downloaded My Fitness Pal to my new android phone. And...I love it. I am not allowing myself to obsess or even really focus on the calorie part. I try to watch my carb and protein intake, glance at the vitamin/mineral intake, and move on. It's been sort of fun so far. I only plan to do it for a while until I can better gauge my carb intake on my own. If I at all feel obsessive or bothered by the tracking, it's gone. I refuse to give up this more laid back state of mind toward my eating and weight.

As far as workouts go, the biggest change for me has been adding in more lower level activity. Mostly this has been in the form of long walks. This week I did one 5 mile and one just over 6. I am really enjoying these. Of course I can still manage them outdoors right now (and I have a friend to go with me), which makes them more fun than the treadmill! Especially where I live. It's beautiful out this time of year.

I also did some walk/sprint interval workouts and one body weight workout. I plan to get some weights in for week 2. For weights workouts I plan to do various DVDs. Some may think that's not very primal, but I ENJOY DVDs. Sisson says to always change things up. I figure it's a great way to get use out of all these DVDs I have. Hmmm, wonder how long I could do them without repeating...

So far so good with Primal. I still feel great. Things are all moving in the right direction. And I get cream in my coffee. What's not to like, really?

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