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Going Primal 30 Day Challenge

My day 1 of Going Primal was September 1st, so I'm a little bit late getting this up (considering my first weigh in will be Wednesday!). But I thought I should still post my beginning stats and all that jazz for my Going Primal experiment.

Beginning Stats

Weight 176
BF% 31.4%
Waist 32.5
Right Thigh 20.5
Right Calf 14.25
Right Arm 12
Hips 41.75

Weigh ins/updates will be weekly on Wednesdays. I'll also be doing daily tracking via videos or posts at Adventures in Tracking if you're interested in more detail like foods I'm eating, workouts I'm doing, etc. Here's a little taste of what I do over on that blog:

Resources I'll be using for this experiment:
As well as
I'll be using this cookbook quite a bit:

And I was curious, so I pre-ordered this:

I'll be back Wednesday with my thoughts on my first week of Primal as well as with my measurements and weigh in!

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