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I've Found My Lobster

This pic has nothing to do with this post. It's just a pretty picture of some fall leaves on our land, before it SNOWED over the weekend...but every post needs a picture, yes?
Yep, you read that right...I've found my lobster

No, not my husband, although he definitely is. I'm talking my 'diet' lobster. It's Paleo. Yep, we're perfect for each other. Meant to be you might even say. 

Anyone who's followed my blog for long has seen me test and try out, suffer through and throw by the wayside many an eating plan.

Paleo works for me. I feel my best eating this way. It's my lobster. 

Will I be 100% perfect Paleo the rest of my life? No, I'm sure there will be the occasional Starbucks or other decidedly non-Paleo food choices. Those will likely be rare though. Not because I look at this as a 'diet plan' to be suffered through and then ditched upon reaching some magical scale reading. But because I feel so danged great when I just stick to this way of eating. 
I don't really embrace the 80/20 rule either. Nor do I plan on having 'cheat days' or 'cheat meals'; I don't even want them or the mindset that tends to go with them for me. I don't look at Paleo as some restrictive diet plan at all, but as a framework for my eating choices. A life-time choice to feel my best. 

Will I therefore go forth and shove Paleo down everyone's throats? Uh, no. This is my choice. It works for me; I am the only one I can speak for.

So as Paleo and I go riding off into the sunset where does that leave a blog called Adventures in Dietland?! I've pondered this question a lot. The conclusion I've come to is that there will be changes coming for my blog and social media channels. You may have already noticed I've changed my twitter name. The blog will undergo a name change change as well, a re-design, and other fun stuff too. Stay tuned!