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Daily Tracking 1/4/12

Well, hubby left for Wyoming and my littlest is still sick. He has been camped out in the living room for two days...which happens to be where I workout. I could have figured something out, but I didn't. Not beating myself up, moving on to make better choices the rest of the week.

Accountability. I will find a way to get a good workout in today.

My eats were:

2 cups of coffee with 1 tbsp cream each.
Breakfast: 2 egg muffins
Smoothie with 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk, 1 scoop of the protein I talked out in my December Loving video and 1 cup frozen strawberries

Lunch: paleo spaghetti. Yum

Dinner--leftover paleo spaghettie. Still yum.
2 sideways pumpkin mini muffins (sorry, was phone blogging)
Have a great Thursday everyone!