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It's That Time Again...

Time for the next #PaleoChat!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Week 9 Review and Results

Week 9 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution was way worse in my head than it actually was! Yes the new workouts were tougher, but I was more ready for them than I had feared. Workouts 9 and 10 definitely push the up button, but I still managed to kick some workout butt...with only minimal cursing. I mean, jumping lunges and rock stars holding weights? Yikes. I was definitely wiped out at the end of each workout, but happily I wasn't as sore as I expected this week. I think that was mostly because I had to get my 8 pound weights back out (not going to lie, if I owned lighter weights I'd have been tempted to use them this week). I did all week 9 workouts with my 8 and 10 lb weights. Next week I hope to up that, but we'll see...

#FitFunFamCO Colorado Springs Color Run

Just bumped into this information and was so excited I had to share: There is to be a Color Run in Colorado Springs 8/11. 

Has anyone ran one of these? Mark your calendar, looks like so much fun!

2 New Protein Pancake Recipes

I've been playing around with my protein pancake recipe again lately. I'm ever on the quest for the perfect grain-free protein pancake. These two recipes are my reigning favorites right now:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Week 8 Results

This week was sort of a blur. Busy. Busy. Busy. I had a birthday party for my 8-turning-9-year-old to prepare for and...about a zillion other things going on online and off. The fallout of all of that was that I missed one workout this week and didn't track on My Fitness Pal for 3 of the 7 days! Yikes. I was trying to tally in my head those days, but still. Oh yes, and AT said birthday party...cookie dough coconut milk ice cream totally happened.

#FunFitFamCO Fridays!

I've been brainstorming for quite some time on how I can share more local things on my blog. Colorado is a fabulous state to live/visit and I want to share more of it with my readers. I've decided on a new series here on FitViews: #FunFitFamCO Fridays!
Every Friday (hopefully) I plan to share something fun, fitness, or family related in Colorado! Events, promotions, races, places, get the idea. I'll also be using the hashtag #FunFitFamCO on twitter and instagram.
Today I want to share a fun family event:

Celebrate Disney Store’s Grand Opening at Park Meadows Mall Guests are invited to meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the newly-designed Disney Store
WHAT: Disney Store will celebrate the grand opening of the newly designed store at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Park Meadows is the first newly-designed Disney Store location to open in Colorado and one of many newly-designed store to open across North America this year, offeri…

Blue Diamond Almonds -- A Heart Healthy Snack

I love almonds. My family loves almonds. Since going paleo I would say that our almond love has only increased. We use almonds and almond products in so many different ways now.

We eat plain almonds as snacks... We use them as a main ingredient in our trail mix...

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Week 7 Results and Review

Holy sore-freaking-abs Batman! That is week 7 of Body Revolution in a nutshell.

Week 7 was time for another set of new workouts (every two weeks on Body Revolution brings new workouts). Workouts 7 and 8 were intense. Definitely harder than the previous round of workouts. I was sore with a capital S all over, all week long! In fact, I used my 10 lb weights for these workouts and didn't even think about bringing out my 15's. And the ab moves...oh. My.

Easy Paleo Trail Mix

I get asked a lot about what kind of snacks I eat on paleo. Especially easy grab and go paleo snacks. One of my family's favorite paleo-friendly snacks is trail mix. It's just so easy and so portable! I make this up and throw some in my purse, in the car, and have it at eye-level in the refrigerator. For myself (because I'm still trying to lose weight) I like to pre-portion it in 1/3 cup portions in a snack sized Ziploc.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: Week 6 Results

Not going to lie, I loved week 6 of Body Revolution. I felt re-set and ready to hit it hard after the brief break from the low calories I took last week. As with any workout program we get out what we put in. This week I used my 10 lb and 15 lb weights (and put away my 8's!) and rocked the workouts! Just as each level here gets harder I'm also progressing with my weights and going heavier as I can. Intense workouts are my favorite and this week's workouts along with upping my weights really delivered.  Also, I didn't struggle as much this week with the diet. Overall the week just went great.

On to the numbers...

Things I'm Loving Right Now - Spring Edition

My mom came and got my boys Friday afternoon and I decided to take advantage of the kid-free time and get caught up on my online stuff. I've been ignoring my you tube channel the last month, so I decided to fix that! 

My latest Things I'm Loving Right Now list: