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It's My Birthday!


I am spending the day being grateful.

If you follow me on twitter you heard that we were evacuated yesterday due to a large fire. (If you don't follow me, you should! @kerriolkjer)

You know you live in the boonies when the news gets everything wrong. They had roads going the wrong way on their map and were saying my area was safe while the sheriff was evacuating us. Nice. I got most of my info from twitter! I think if anything else major happens around here I shall tweet the news. 

It was way more impressive in person. In the pics there is such a haze of smoke everywhere that the main smoke blends in more.
 The view watching the fire from my parents' deck.
 Taken from a road across the valley. My house is down in the little valley.

 See that house on the left, and beneath it is the school. That is the edge of town. At this point the sheriff was evacuating and a Colorado Springs news station was telling people the town was not in any danger.
 My husband estimates it burned 600 acres.

All is well. Our whole crazybus entourage spent the night at my parents' because of the lingering smoke. I am thumb-typing this as my parents. Don't. Have. Internet.

My brother (a volunteer firefighter) is fine as well. He managed to burn his shoes and saw some pretty crazy stuff though. I am hugely in awe of those that fight fires.

Thank you to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers!

Yes, today I shall be grateful.

Miss Chicken hanging out on my parents' deck and having a snack. She is grateful today too.

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