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Review & Giveaway(closed) - Ultimate Booty Workouts #UltimateBooty

Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of Ultimate Booty Workouts and was sent a copy from the publisher which I will be giving away. Post contains affiliate links.

Ultimate Booty Workouts is a new book out by fellow blogger Tamara Grand. UBW is a 12-week progressive weight training program focused on perfecting your backside. 

The Ultimate Booty Workouts program is broken into 3, 4-week Phases. Each Phase maps out your strength training, cardio, and nutrition to support fat loss and muscle gain. These gym or at-home friendly workouts come complete with warm-up and cool-down (including foam rolling and stretching). 

It really is the total package: a complete program in a book.

From the back of the book:

The targeted programs in this book will have your booty toned and perky in no time. Plus, your new sculpted, stacked rear end will be more than just nice to look at--it's strong glutes and hamstrings will help:
  • Accelerate Fat Loss
  • Improve Posture
  • Decrease Back, Hip & Knee Pain
  • Tighten and Flatten Abs

Sign me up.

I must confess I was a bit apprehensive about a workout book. I only workout at home, but tend to like workout DVD's. I just wasn't sure how it would be working out from a book...

Well, I LOVE it! I love being able to workout wherever and not needing a TV/DVD player. I love the fun I'm having building playlists for my workouts and not having to deal with whatever music is on the DVD. Most of all? I love the workouts. Well, I've only tried Phase 1 so far, but it kicked my tush. Literally!

My first time through the Phase 1 workout I burned 263 calories. For a 35ish minute strength workout that's amazing for me.

Ultimate Booty Workouts is a good, solid program. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone from beginner (Really, completely beginner accessible!) to advanced. In fact, I'm so impressed, I've decided to blog through it. I started yesterday and will be checking back in at the end of each 4 week phase with my thoughts and results. (My only variance from the program as set forth in the book will be that while Tamara recommends whole grains and legumes, I'll be keeping it Paleo of course.)

Will I have a bum you can bounce a quarter off? Will it help me with my post-baby weight loss? Let's find out...

My Pre-Ultimate Booty Workouts Stats
Weight: 194.5
Bust: 44
Waist: 36.5 (at belly button)
Hips: 44
Right Calf: 14.5
Clothing size: 13
(I also took a 'Before' pic which I'll share at the end with an 'After' shot for comparison)

Want to try it with me? I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader!

To enter simply leave a comment below. I will use to choose a winner 7 PM Mountain Time February 17, 2014.

Ultimate Booty Updates: