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My Thoughts on Beachbody's 21 Day Fix

I must confess: I've never met a Beachbody program I wasn't head over heels in love with. Until now...

The 21 Day Fix was a big thumbs down for me.

I'm not going to share my before and after pics for this program, because you can tell no difference. I lost 2.5 pounds. To be fair it's only 3 weeks. One should not expect miracles for that amount of time (even though it does seem to be marketed that way). I'm perfectly happy with 2.5 pounds. If I chose to stick with this program I could see myself losing a pound a week on it.

But I just don't love it enough to stick with it! I'm honestly glad to be done.

What I loved:

The trainer. I really enjoyed Autumn Calabrese as a trainer. The modifier. Seriously, can we have the modifier of these workouts do a beginner set? Loved her. I would say one upside of these workouts is that they are completely beginner accessible because of the modifications shown.Several of the individual workouts. I loved a couple of the individual…

Body After Baby Update! 10 Months Postpartum

I wanted to do a quick update for those following along with my Body After Baby series. I'm updating per program now, but wanted to talk more generally about the whole losing the baby weight process for me.
What a process it's been!
It was very strange being back at the beginning of a weight loss journey again. It was much more taxing mentally and physically than I'd anticipated. "Pffft, I've got this. I've been here before. No big deal!" I thought. Ya, not so much. I found myself battling old demons like negative self-talk and emotional eating. What the?! Oh yes, and sleep deprivation messed with me way more this time around!
With fitness, I must confess: I went in circles the first 7 months post-baby.I'd try the same tough/intense workouts I loved pre-baby (tabata, HIIT, plyo, sprints...) only to realize my fitness level wasn't there yet. Then, I'd get frustrated and quit. Around and around like that I went. 
My eating was always Paleo, but I di…