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Body After Baby Update! 10 Months Postpartum

I wanted to do a quick update for those following along with my Body After Baby series. I'm updating per program now, but wanted to talk more generally about the whole losing the baby weight process for me.

What a process it's been!

3 weeks postpartum
It was very strange being back at the beginning of a weight loss journey again. It was much more taxing mentally and physically than I'd anticipated. "Pffft, I've got this. I've been here before. No big deal!" I thought. Ya, not so much. I found myself battling old demons like negative self-talk and emotional eating. What the?! Oh yes, and sleep deprivation messed with me way more this time around!

With fitness, I must confess: I went in circles the first 7 months post-baby. I'd try the same tough/intense workouts I loved pre-baby (tabata, HIIT, plyo, sprints...) only to realize my fitness level wasn't there yet. Then, I'd get frustrated and quit. Around and around like that I went. 

My eating was always Paleo, but I did terribly with my portion control. Yes, you can eat too much good Paleo food and thwart your fat loss efforts!

Around and around I went. Up a few pounds, down a few pounds. Completely lacking in consistency. 

Finally, I woke up and realized that I needed to do 2 things: 1. take baby steps back with my fitness and 2. focus on consistency

Searching for more beginner level DVDs I fell in love with Leslie Sansone DVDs. I made myself build my fitness level back slowly. I also made myself suck it up and dig out my lighter weights. It was tough! But it was exactly the right thing to do.

7 months postpartum
It took a while to build myself back to the heavy lifting and intense cardio that I love. But it was worth it! All those stops and starts were definitely never going to get me to my goal. 

Once I had a bit of my fitness built back I wanted to feel strong again! I started Ultimate Booty Workouts and focused on being consistent with my workouts and eating. Consistency paid off...

10 months postpartum

So, here I am. Almost 11 months postpartum and I'd hoped to be 'done' by a year postpartum. Ah well, I'll get there...