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Review: Six Pack Fitness Renee Tote Meal Management Bag

This year has shaped up to be the year of travel for me. From blog-related travel, to family-related travel, and even an out-of-state move I have been on the road a lot.

I'm completely committed to ditching this baby weight and so I was a bit concerned with how I'd stay on track with all of that travel. I don't know about you, but I really struggle with my food when travelling. I struggle with finding quality Paleo-friendly food. I struggle with portions and I struggle with the expense of good food on the road.

The nice folks at Six Pack Fitness sent me one of their Renee Totes in red to try out and I do believe my problems are solved!

The Renee Tote Review

I immediately fell in love with the look of this bag. It's super cute. I love that it's incognito and just looks like a really cute bag.

The Renee Tote is the perfect size for my needs. There is plenty of room for an entire day's worth of meals and snacks. I think I could even stretch it into 2 days, but I haven&…