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Review: Six Pack Fitness Renee Tote Meal Management Bag

 This year has shaped up to be the year of travel for me. From blog-related travel, to family-related travel, and even an out-of-state move I have been on the road a lot.

I'm completely committed to ditching this baby weight and so I was a bit concerned with how I'd stay on track with all of that travel. I don't know about you, but I really struggle with my food when travelling. I struggle with finding quality Paleo-friendly food. I struggle with portions and I struggle with the expense of good food on the road.

The nice folks at Six Pack Fitness sent me one of their Renee Totes in red to try out and I do believe my problems are solved!

The Renee Tote Review

I immediately fell in love with the look of this bag. It's super cute. I love that it's incognito and just looks like a really cute bag.

The Renee Tote is the perfect size for my needs. There is plenty of room for an entire day's worth of meals and snacks. I think I could even stretch it into 2 days, but I haven't tested how long the ice packs last.

 It comes with four food containers, a supplement container, and three ice packs.

There are oodles of pockets to stash anything I need.

I take quite a few supplements, but I find the container to have ample room.
(You can read about my supplement routine here.)

The top compartment has a padded spot for my chromebook as well as tons of room for anything else I need. I pack a Blender Bottle, lip balm, my wallet, my keys, my planner, and my phone and still have room to spare.

Other Uses

This bag works amazingly well for more than just me. I find myself using it for tons of mom-related things. It's perfect for our homeschool field trips. I pack wipes, a few diapers, and some toys for Baby O. in the top compartment. Along with my wallet, keys, etc. Then, I pack our lunch in the food containers and snacks and miscellaneous other necessities in the pockets. I used to have to take a purse, diaper bag, and a backpack. Now I just take this ONE bag! Plus, I feel like I look like put-together mom instead of pack-mule mom! It's a beautiful thing. I also find this bag perfect for family road trips. I pack it up with all our food and snacks for the road.

I'm also using the supplement container and food containers on a daily basis, not just when I travel. I am forever forgetting to take my supplements and I find filling the container up at night with all of the next days' supplements to be the perfect solution. The food containers are perfect for my weekly food prep. I usually use them for my lunches. They are the perfect size for my usual lunches: a salad or some chicken, sweet potato, and a green veggie.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure you can tell I love this bag. It's very comfortable to carry. Plus, everything from quality, to functionality, to style is on point. I absolutely recommend it. In fact, I'm so in love with Six Pack Bags I'm already drooling over another one of their bags and looking at one for hubby. I love that they have come up with such a great solution to a common problem. Also, they have an amazing selection (for men and women) and I love their color options (The Renee in Black with black hardware and navy with silver hardware are amazing!).

How do you stay on track when you travel??

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