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Eating to Fill a Lonely Heart

I had an epiphany tonight.

Hubby called at 6:30 to say he was headed 45 minutes north to work on a combine and had no idea how late he would be. As I hung up the phone and reached for my third slice of Paleo Pumpkin Bread I paused...

I just had dinner. I wasn't a bit hungry. I was actually over-full. 

I was eating my loneliness.

As many of you know we've recently taken a huge leap and moved from Colorado to Idaho. We LOVE it here! It's been an amazingly positive thing for our family, but has also meant some pretty drastic changes.

Hubby used to work for himself. He would leave the house about 9 and be home by 5 or 6. He rarely worked weekends. It was wonderful.

However, we chose for him to get a "real" job here in Idaho. It's been great for him, for all of us. He really loves it and it provides well for us. But...

He works a lot this time of year. A lot. A lot.

There are times he comes home at 2 AM. He works most Saturdays. Sometimes he is even out of town a few days…