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Easy KETO Turkey Taco Salad

My family has always loved taco salad. Personally, I'm a big fan because it’s super easy to throw together on a crazy-busy-rush-around-weeknight. It's a go-to weeknight meal for me and frequents my menu planning board. My kids love it because it’s just plain good! I consider it a win-win.
Traditional taco salad recipes, however, include a lot of ingredients that aren’t exactly on my nice list. Gone are the days of busting out a bag of chips and cheesy salsa dip to go with a taco salad! Let's be honest, it was barely anything you should call a salad. Plus, as a paleo family things like kidney beans don't make the cut either.

I struggled with taco salads for a while. After some trial and error I think I have them down again. This lightened-up, keto paleo-friendly version of taco salad keeps all of the taste and none of the junk. Bonus? It's gluten-free and completely Whole30 compliant!

Easy Keto Paleo Turkey Taco Salad
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A Journey Back to Running

Oh, where to start... at the beginning I suppose.

I remember loving to run when I was a child. Running for the sheer joy of it. Running fast, running hard. Giggling, lungs burning, legs and arms flying. Just running to run.

Along came high school. I was on the track team, but I did shot and disc. I didn't think I was the "runner type". Oh high school, the nonsense you teach us.

Fast forward many years of not running to 30. 30 scared the crap out of me. I wasn't where I wanted to be in life. At. All. I started running because I wanted to lose weight. Running burned calories, period.

But then, a funny thing happened: running taught me things about myself. Slowly, steadily, running became more to me than calories burned. Running was my me time, my therapy, my time to burn off all the nonsense. 

I signed up and ran my first 5k. My only goal was to run the entire thing. I did it! As I crossed that finish line I learned something about myself that I'd never known before. I …