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Keto Walmart Haul

What do you buy at Walmart when you're keto? What's on my Walmart keto shopping list? Today I'm going to answer those questions with a video. An epic keto Walmart haul! 

Our weekly grocery shopping trip this week was at Walmart. I must confess that I used to be such a Walmart snob, but not anymore. Walmart has become our go-to for tons of ketogenic diet foods, from staples to snacks. They really do carry everything you need.

The yummy keto eats we picked up at Walmart this week:

What's on your keto Walmart list?

KETO Pre-Workout

Raise your hand if you remember the golden age of pre-workouts! Oh, what a time. We guzzled fluorescent, artificial ingredient galore, chemical concoctions filled to the brim with now-banned ingredients. Good times. Good times.

Then, we had to go all hippie chick crunchy naturaified and start to care about what we put in our bodies. Sheesh.

Just me? 

Not going to lie, there have been many a workout that I've missed those chemicaltini pre-workouts. Buuuuuut, they really were full of junk. So, I have been on a search for a more natural pre-workout for ages. I just plain missed a pre-workout, but everything I tried fell short in one way or another. Until...

I take this mostly before weight-lifting workouts, but sometimes before cardio just for that little boost. Especially when I'm struggling with motivation. I mix it the night before and just knowing it's waiting for me in the fridge somehow gives that little extra mental edge to just do that workout. Hey, whatever works.

I love …

December Keto Monthly Favorites

Happy New Year! I am really excited to turn the new page of 2018, how about you? I was going to do a goals post, but to be honest, I'm so busy WERKING on my latest goals that I haven't taken the time to write that post. How about more show, less tellwith my goals this year?? Instead...

Let's chat monthly favorites, shall we? Today I'm sharing what I found myself loving and returning to over and over for the month of December. Mostly keto diet related products, but there's a new small appliance obsession or two and a little random nail polish love in there too.

Kiss My Keto Collagen Powder - At the time I'm posting it they're currently sold out! I also love the Great Lakes Collagen and Kiss My Keto also has a Marine Collagen Powder. Hopefully, the one I use will be back in stock soon!

Kiss My Keto MCT Powder- Love. Mad love. Highly recommend this. It's a constant on my Amazon Subscribe because I use it so much! I have over 5 items on my monthly Subscribe an…