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Registered for my HALF MARATHON!

Was going to save this for part of my Monday Miles post, but couldn't stand it.

And, I may be a teeny bit superfantastically excited about it. 

Funny how my mindset is so different from when I ran my full. That race seemed daunting, this one seems exciting. That race I wasn't sure I could do it, this one I know I can. That race was filled with inner fat chick battles, this one won't be!

Training is going so well I think I'll definitely beat my goal of coming in under two and half hours. Yay for speed work.

I'm super happy with my Pumas on my long runs. They are working out famously! I was curious how they'd hold up for longer runs and couldn't be happier.

Now I just need to find a good hotel deal in Fort Collins for race weekend!

Awesome by August challengers remember your weigh in pics need to be to me by tomorrow midnight. Early is OK, but if you're late you can still play along but won't be eligible for the prizes. So don't be late! :)