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2011 Journal Exercises

I'm starting something new here on my blog and I hope many of you will join in. Starting some time in the first week of 2011 you will start seeing **2011 Journal Exercise as individual posts, or included with posts. Basically they are journal prompts for all of us to do. I think journaling is a hugely beneficial practice and I want to share that with you all. You can blog your response (leave a comment on the specific post with the link if you do that), leave it in the comments, or simply do what I'll be doing and start a spiral notebook dedicated to this. 

We're all on similar journeys, whether it be to lose weight, get fit, reach a goal, or just become the best us we can be. I think participating, joining in, and benefiting from the community support will be awesome. 

Whenever you see in red: **2011 Journal Exercise that's our latest journal prompt. I will be adding a tab which will include all the journal exercises up to join in at anytime and lets make this year our best!