Paleo Energy Bar Recipe

Just 4 ingredients!
Paleo Energy Bars
1 cup whole natural almonds
12 to 14 Medjool dates, de-pitted
1/2 of a 88% dark chocolate bar
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds

Pulse the almonds in food processor until you get small bits, but not paste. Empty into mixing bowl.
Do the same with the dark chocolate.
Process the dates in the food processor until smooth. They will tend to come together in a ball. Add to nut/chocolate mixture. Add the pumpkin seeds whole.
Line a 9 x 9 pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap. Mix the ingredients in the bowl. I usually just smoosh all of the ingredients together well with my hands. Then smoosh the mixture firmly into the pan. 

Cut into bars.

Not going to lie, these are fantastic! My kids love them. Plus, they're so simple to make.

Just a note for my fellow paleo runners: If I train for a distance race again, a half marathon or marathon, I will try these (or similar recipes) and coconut water for fueling instead of the sugary drinks and gels that I've used before.