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Weigh in 06.16.2010 well....sorta

Not sure where this pic came from, but I just love it. This is how I feel right now.

Well, I was trying to do weekly weigh in posts on here. Lately however I am so much not obsessed with the scale that I just forget about it. I will call that a good thing.

I did weigh a day...or two...or three ago. Not sure. I weighed 172. Considering I was up to 177 after my Memorial Day Fail, that's awesome. However, I'm sure much of that gain was water weight etc, so really I'm down a half pound from where I was.

A half pound sounds like nothing, but it rocks to me. I had stalled out for over a month, I was getting stagnant and not progressing. It was beginning to affect my attitude, my drive to keep pushing hard. I was letting my eating and workouts slip because I felt discouraged. I am glad to realize that the changes I made recently work for me. Woo!

I feel very refreshed and ready to hit this whole weight loss thing right now. Feelin very ninja. That scale isn't gonna know what hit it.

My body fat monitor says 31.5% a little progress there too.

While it's true that many of us just need to stick to what we're doing and be patient; making good choices will bring always bring progress. Sometimes I believe we need to change things up. Whether the changes I made are working mentally or physically doesn't really matter to me. The fact is they are working for me right now.

Have you changed anything lately?