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Struggling with Weight Loss

struggling ducklings
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I am struggling.



I'm not losing weight.

I feel like that little duck in the picture, struggling so hard, I can see what's over the ledge, but just can't quite get my footing.

My positive attitude will not falter, but I feel I can still be honest and real about my struggles without being, here's whatsup:

I haven't lost any weight in several months. 

It's not a plateau. 

It's not just the scale being fickle either. 

No excuses here. My clothes fit the same, my body fat is the same, I have stayed the same.

It's my eating. 

I am eating good things, but obviously too much of them. I have stopped counting calories and am just trying to watch my portions and eat good whole 'clean' foods. I am still tracking my food intake via my fitbook and really want to transition away from obsessing over every calorie I eat. Obsession is my struggle. I think ditching the calorie counting is a good goal and I'm willing to go through the trial and error it's going to take to get there. This is life, this is forever, not a quick fix diet. However as of right now I obviously haven't found the right balance to lose weight.

I also have had several large slip-ups at Memorial Day, my kiddos 16th, and the 4th. Once a month overboard eating can take me a while to reverse. Then there's another event.

My workouts however are better than ever thanks to my half marathon training. Yay for that!

I have made it so far, yet I still have roughly 30 pounds to lose. This is not the time to get complacent. The main thing that bothers me about not losing is that I know every pound lost will help my running. The lighter I am the easier my runs will be. The less weight I have to cart around the faster I can be. As a heavier runner I can be more prone to injury because I just put more stress on my body with these extra pounds. Funny how motivations change. 

So, I will:

  1. Keep trying to figure out the right portions for me. Not obsessing about food and calories is my ultimate goal and watching portions instead of counting calories is the next step for me. 
  2. Get better at handling special events...they're sorta gonna happen for the rest of my life!
  3. Bring back weekly weigh in posts.
  4. I've cooked up a little weight loss challenge with some twitter friends, details coming tomorrow!
  5. Most importantly not quit, not lose site of my goals...I GOT THIS!!!
I am doing a lot of things right and know I just need to keep tweaking things here and there as my body gets smaller. What worked at 200 pounds isn't exactly what I need at 175. It's all about figuring out what works for me. And it's worth the effort.

Do you find weight loss harder as you get smaller?