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xoxo, Kerri O.

Happy Friday Dance

Hey guys! I'm hanging out over at Casa de Miz today and answering the question: Is Paleo a Cult?
If you've landed here looking for paleo info you might start with:

My paleo FAQsMust-Have Paleo CookbooksMy Recipe PageMy Paleo Board on Pinterest
Happy Friday!

This Fit Mommy Went From a 22 to an 8?!

You've got to check out this post over on my friend Lisa's blog:
One Fit Mommy
Seriously,'ll see why ;)

Things I'm Loving Right Now - May/June

My latest fitness and healthy living obsessions:

Fitness Fashion: DA Active Brand Review

There's a reason that 'fitness fashion obsessed' or some version of it now graces all of my bios. I confess: I'm madly in love with fitness fashion. All of it. Workout clothes, shoes, gym

After years of sweating in baggy t-shirts and whatever I could find to pull on I am jumping head first into beautiful workout clothes.

It's My Birthday!


I am spending the day being grateful.

If you follow me on twitter you heard that we were evacuated yesterday due to a large fire. (If you don't follow me, you should! @kerriolkjer)

You know you live in the boonies when the news gets everything wrong. They had roads going the wrong way on their map and were saying my area was safe while the sheriff was evacuating us. Nice. I got most of my info from twitter! I think if anything else major happens around here I shall tweet the news. 

Let's Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX and Win Free Round Trip Airfare?!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Title IX became law on June 23, 1972. That was four years and two days before I was born. Title IX is something I've rarely given much thought to in my life. I am of the generation that can take for granted everything that Title IX provides. It just was.

I played volleyball and never gave it a second thought. I participated in track & field and it never crossed my mind. My entire high school and college careers I never really gave much thought to this. Because it just was.

PUMA's Friends and Family Sale

It's that time again!
 PUMA Online Store - Friends and Family 40% Off Sale - June 21-25

Click the image above to shop and enter: PUMASAVE40 at checkout to save 40% on your order!

Hype or Help: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Final Program Review

*This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase items by clicking these links. It costs you no more.
Disclaimer: I received Jillian Michaels Body Revolutionfor review purposes. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.

After three long months of testing this program I'm finally down to the review! I've had so many questions, and I hope to answer them all here.
So, is it hype or help? Have a seat, let's talk about that...

What you will need for these workouts:
A set of light, medium, and heavy hand weights to suit your ability level.

What's Included with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: 15 Workout DVDsResistance CableFitness Guide BookFat Burning Meal Plan7 Day Kick-Start Your Metabolism Plan90 Day JournalBookmark
What's in the box? My unboxing video if you want to see it all:
The Body Revolution Diet Plan I've had a lot of questions on what exactly the diet plan for Body Revolution is. Let me break it down... The diet for this program…

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: My Final Results

I decided to separate my final results and final review of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution into two posts. Otherwise it would equal one really really long post. My final review should be up tomorrow.

Today, my final results!

WARNING: Top 5 Dangers of Doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

You may have heard of Body Revolution from Jillian Michaels. It's her new fancy pants workout program. I hear the infomercials are everywhere. Recently I completed this program and would like to take a moment and share my experiences and the list I came up with of the dangers you may experience upon trying this program. I've been through it, please people, heed my warnings.

Happy Father's Day - Disney•Pixar’s BRAVE

The Fit Family: Tag Anyone?

As a busy mom I know how hard it can be to fit in workouts. Whether you stay at home with your kids, work from home, or work outside the home finding time to workout can be a constant struggle. Yet we all know how much better we feel and perform the rest of our many tasks when we make that effort to fit them in. One way I have found to get this done is by getting creative while I play with my kids.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: WEEK 11! Results and Review

This isn't the best picture, but it was the best I could do for now. I promise to have before and after Body Revolution pictures in my final results post, but I've gotten a lot of requests for progress pictures.

#FitFunFamCO Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Teddy Bear Days

Welcome back to another fit, fun, family Colorado Friday! Today I have a super fun family event to share with you. It's Teddy Bear Days at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

Happy National Running Day: I Got Runner's Itch

Yep. I got runner's itch. BAD.

You see, I am currently reviewing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution program. I have been since March 26th. In the spirit of giving it a fair shake I have stuck to the workouts as they are presented. Which means: I. haven't. ran. since. March.

At first I thought it would be no big deal. I can quit running any time, right? 

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: Week 10

Week 10 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution was tough stuff. I did not as I'd hoped bring my 15 lb weights back out. Pretty sure they're away for the duration of this program. Normally the second week I do the workouts they feel easier. Not this week! And next week brings new (harder) workouts? Eeep. OK, I'm sure just as I found with the new workouts in Week 9, I'm ready for it. Yes, this is what I'm telling myself. :)

On to the numbers...

#FitFunFamCO Larabar Up and Running

Welcome to another Fit, Fun, Family Colorado Friday. Today I have another great race to share. Mark your calendars!

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