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Happy National Running Day: I Got Runner's Itch

Yep. I got runner's itch. BAD.

You see, I am currently reviewing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution program. I have been since March 26th. In the spirit of giving it a fair shake I have stuck to the workouts as they are presented. Which means: I. haven't. ran. since. March.

At first I thought it would be no big deal. I can quit running any time, right? 

I would take a little break, lose some weight, and then return to my beloved running. Heck, maybe a little weight loss would even make me faster. 

I neglected to consider I might go NUTS in the meantime.

I've often said running is my therapy, my time to clear all the junk out of my head. I miss that. Big time. More than that I just miss running, the movement, the act of running. (Just typing that makes me yearn a little. Oh running, do you miss me too?). 

I've got 2 weeks left of Body Revolution and I'm craving a run. Like, jonesing for a run. It really is like an itch. That I really need to scratch!

And really? I'm glad. I'm glad I got runner's itch. I'm glad because I had sort of lost my running mojo this past winter. I think that taking a break from running was the perfect cure. Running has meant so much to me I'm glad that I find myself craving it instead of struggling with it. Now...just to get to the end of this 2 weeks without going stir-crazy!

I did this video a while back and thought this was a great time to share. My 7 tips for beginning runners:

For those of you celebrating National Running Day with a run: go you! I...shall go shopping. ;)