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It's Time For The Next #PaleoChat

Yep, it's that time again!
I'd love you to join me for #PaleoChat on twitter Wednesday, August 1st at 
7:00 pm mountain time (6 pacific, 8 central, 9 eastern).
This month we'll be chatting about being paleo in a non-paleo world.

3 Fabulous Summer Protein Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a go-to favorite of mine in the summer. They're a great way to keep my protein up, especially when it's just too hot to think about eating anything else! 
I like to make my smoothies really thick. More like the consistency of soft serve ice cream. They really do feel like more of a decadent treat to me. One note: depending on how good your blender is you may need to increase the amount of liquids in these. I actually blended the blades right off my old blender from so many thick smoothies!

The Whole Planet Foundation

Happy Thursday everyone! One more day to the weekend...
I wanted to pass this information on to you guys. It's for a great cause:
GoodBelly Teams up with the Whole Planet Foundation
GoodBellyhas partnered with the Whole Planet Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Whole Foods Market to help alleviate poverty worldwide. 

Genetix HD by GNC Week 3 Results

Genetix HD at 

Week 3 of GenetixHD went so much better than week 2! I remembered to take my supplements every day and my food was on point. Go. Me. 
My workouts for the week consisted of The 30 Day Shred only, I didn't manage to get any runs in. I did however work my tail off around the farm. Pulling weeds in the garden, hauling buckets of water, and just general HARD work. Hey, every little bit adds up, right?
I'll get right to the numbers...

My Top 10 Tips for Eating Paleo on a Budget

"Paleo is expensive!!" 

"I can't afford to eat paleo!"

I hear things like this a lot. Every time it surprises me. I guess because it doesn't seem that way to me. We are a family of 5 living on much less than the average family of 5 and we eat paleo. 

First, I think you have to look at what you're NOT buying on paleo that will save you money. You're not buying convenience meals, soda, juices, energy drinks, candy, snack foods, breads and other baked goods, grains, beans, sugar... Take those things right off the top of the grocery budget and that leaves a lot more for paleo-friendly foods.

I agree that good meat, healthy fats, and veggies (the bulk of what makes up a paleo diet) aren't cheap, but I don't find eating paleo prohibitively expensive. In fact, I'd say I'm spending about the same as I was before. 

My top 10 tips for eating paleo on a budget

Let's Just Call It a Wash

Genetix HD at 

Well, this post is supposed to be my week 2 results of my GenetixHD review...but, let's just call it more of a check in.

Recipe: Banana Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

I love, love, love protein pancakes. They're my go-to breakfast lately. Have been all summer. 
I should point out that these go under my paleo-ish recipes.  They are not strict paleo because of the whey protein.
This is absolutely my new favorite protein pancake recipe...but then I always say that, don't I?
A few things about this recipe (and all of my protein pancake recipes): They need fat. If you try them without the fat they won't turn out as well.Certain protein powders do better in making protein pancakes than others. Also, depending on which protein powder you use, you may need more or less liquid to get the right consistency.Make sure the pancake is well set before you flip it or you'll wind up with a mushy mess. Still, a delicious mess.

A Day At The Zoo

If you've ever wondered where to go when you visit Colorado Springs, I have several suggestions for you. The first being: The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! It was recently named a TripAdvisor Top 10 Zoo and is absolutely a Colorado must-see.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a family favorite and was stop 1 on our Fit Family Road Trip. What is more perfect for a trip focused on keeping it fit and active than a zoo on the side of a mountain?

The Fit Family: Road Trip Edition

Welcome back to another fit, fun, family Colorado Friday. Today I have an event of my own to announce. As part of my new The Fit Family series I will be doing The Fit Family: Road Trip Editions. The first one starting today!

Vacations should absolutely be times of fun, adventure, and relaxation. But to me that does NOT mean they have to be sedentary and loaded with unhealthy choices. If we're looking at health and fitness as a lifestyle and not a fad, this should include our vacations. 

Healthy road trip tips:

GNC Genetix HD Review: Week 1 Results

Genetix HD at
Week one of Genetix HD down! I kept my calories between 1500-1550 all week. My workouts were: Wednesday yoga, Thursday-Saturday 30 Day Shred, Saturday ran 2 miles, Sunday 3 miles of hills, and Monday/Tuesday 30 Day Shred.

The 30 Day Shred

Since completing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a couple of weeks ago I wasn't sure what to do next. I have realized that I tend to do better following a program and blogging about it. It keeps me accountable and focused. So, I've been searching for what program to do next. 
I contemplated another round of Body Revolution. I considered ChaLEAN Extreme...but July is pretty busy for us. It's when I plan ahead for our homeschool year. I plan our school calendar and order our textbooks and supplies. There's a lot of family stuff going on. BBQs, family reunions (yes, more than one)...on and on. It's just a busy month. I decided that I didn't want to compound that by jumping into a 90 day program or anything with very long workouts at all. 
I kept looking.

I started GNC's GenetixHD last Wednesday and still hadn't decided on what workout program to do with it! I've owned Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD since it first came out in 2008. I've done the wor…

#FitFunFamCO Friday: Run For Your Lives - Denver

Welcome back to another fit, fun, family Colorado Friday! Today I have a hilarious race event to share. Get ready to Run For Your Lives Denver...

A zombie infested 5k obstacle course race.

July 14, 2012

Thunder Valley Motocross
701 South Rooney Road
Lakewood, CO 80465

Hype or Help: GNC Genetix HD

It's time for another Hype or Help Experiment! Not going to lie, I really enjoy doing these in depth reviews. The last couple of months I've seen several friends talking about their experiences with a new supplement program from GNC called Genetix HD. 

Paleo Ground Chicken Italiano

Lately I've had a lot of people asking me: what the heck do you eat? Mostly in relation to my eating paleo and gluten-free, but also some on how I eat to lose weight. I've shared the basics: meat and veggies, eggs, healthy fats, some fruit and nuts, a few seeds and a little bit of high quality dairy like grass-fed ghee (dairy is not strict paleo)...but that is sort of vague, they want to know more. 
In an attempt to better answer I've decided I'm going to try and share a recipe once a week here and also share more photos of my meals on instagram. You can find my instagram link in the sidebar if you're interested in my daily meals.
Today, a recipe! I threw this together the other night and it turned out so good I had to share.

July #paleochat Reschedule

July's #paleochat will be July 11th at 7 pm mountain (9 eastern, 8 central, 6 pacific) because the first Wednesday is the 4th holiday.
Hope to see you there!


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