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The Fit Family: Road Trip Edition

Welcome back to another fit, fun, family Colorado Friday. Today I have an event of my own to announce. As part of my new The Fit Family series I will be doing The Fit Family: Road Trip Editions. The first one starting today!

Vacations should absolutely be times of fun, adventure, and relaxation. But to me that does NOT mean they have to be sedentary and loaded with unhealthy choices. If we're looking at health and fitness as a lifestyle and not a fad, this should include our vacations. 

Healthy road trip tips:

  • Pack healthy snacks. Don't rely on gas station pit stops filled with soda and candy. Pack nuts, jerky, trail mix...things to keep you energized and feeling good for your vacation. Coconut water is a great choice to include if you'll be hiking or walking a lot.
  • Pack a water bottle with a filter for each family member. Staying hydrated is so important, and buying bottled water is expensive and not the best choice for our environment. A filtered water bottle solves all of that!
  • Plan your vacations around family activity. Visit the local zoo where you're going. Check out the great hiking spots and parks. Keep it fun, but keep it active!
  • Seek out hotels that offer a fitness center, a pool, or family activity areas. They're not hard to find these days!
  • It's all about balance. Perfection should never be our goal in healthy living. Have the ice cream, have the Starbucks (you know I will be), have the special at that great local restaurant, but also drink your water, choose healthy meals and snacks as much as possible, and keep moving!
Colorado is a great place to live and to visit. Especially if you have an eye for keeping it healthy and fit! Our first stop on The Fit Family Road Trip Edition will be: Colorado Springs, Colorado! One of my favorite cities.

There are so many fun things to do and to see in Colorado Springs. It's the perfect destination for a fit family trip. We're excited! We will be visiting a few places that I consider must-sees when visiting Colorado Springs:

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Where they have a new baby giraffe!

Garden of the Gods
Image via
and more.

You can follow our adventures this weekend on my twitter and my instagram and via the hashtag #fittripCOS

I'll have lots of pics and video to share here on FitViews next week! Stay tuned...

Have you ever been to Colorado Springs?