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Let's Just Call It a Wash

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Well, this post is supposed to be my week 2 results of my GenetixHD review...but, let's just call it more of a check in.

Most of my week consisted of our family road trip. Although we kept it active and I tried to track my food in Lose It!, it's really hard to track when you're eating food prepared by someone else. For instance a free hotel breakfast: what exactly is in these eggs, how are they cooked, hmmm... Or at the zoo or Garden of the Gods, they don't exactly have nutritionals. So, I did my best, and guessed, but never did get a full day of tracking in while we were gone. Plus, there were splurges too of course. *cough* ice cream *cough* 

Life happens. I'm OK with that.

I will say that I loved how easy the Physio-Burn was to pack and take with me! I just tossed a few of the packets in my bag. So nice.

Week 1 Stats
Weight 158.5
Waist 28 3/4
Right Thigh 19
Right Calf 13
Right Arm 11 1/4
Bust 37 1/4
Hips 38 1/4

Week 2 Stats
All are same as above

I'm ending week 2 the same as week 1. Not because of anything to do with the supplements or my workouts, but because my food was not on point this week.

In the past I would have gone crazy and gained weight on vacation. In the past I would have gotten home, stepped on the scale and been hugely disappointed. Which would have likely given me the attitude of: oh well, I'm off track, may as well have xyz. May as well skip the next....50 workouts. All of which would have turned into weeks or months of being off track and gaining weight again. That was my pattern with vacations.

Not so now. I managed to stay the same on vacation. Victory. When I got back I got immediately back on track with my food, supplements, and workouts. Victory.

Week 3 is a new week. I'm looking forward to working hard and seeing progress!

How about you? Do vacations tend to throw you?
Disclaimer: I was sent GenetixHD for review. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.